Weekend Special: 8 Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids

8 Summer Activities to Do with Your Kids - TheHumbledHomemaker.com

It’s nearing the end the summer, and kids all over…are getting really bored. And parents? Many are about to go crazy.

You can take your kids to the park or pool. But even swimming and swing sets get old after a while.

From the free and simple to the extensive and pricey, here are 8 alternatives for summer fun with your kids:

1.  A children’s museum

Why they’ll love it: They’re full of resources for imaginative play. Kids can spend the day pretending they’re shopping at a supermarket, cooking at a restaurant or milking cows at a farm (just to name a few).

Find one near you here.

2. Your local library

Most libraries offer summer reading programs, where you’ll find daily activities, like crafts, story times and even language lessons at some locations. If you live in a city, you could visit a different library every day and never run out of things to do!

Why they’ll love it: You may have books at home, but they aren’t the same books as at the library. Most locations allow kids computer access as well as provide games, puzzles and other educational manipulatives.

Find one near you here.


Image from pixabay.com

3. A local bookstore

Help hone your child’s literary talents with a visit to a bookstore. Anything from a local reading nook to a big box store like Barnes and Noble will suffice. Some stores even offer educational camps for kids throughout the summer.

Why they’ll love it: It’s like a library–but they get to “keep” the books (if you buy them!).

Find an independent bookstore near you here.

4. A pottery studio

If your kids are artistic, they’ll have a blast!

Why they’ll love it: They can get “dirty” with paint and let their creative juices flow. (And you don’t have to clean it up!)

Find a studio near you here.

5.  A splash pad

A tad bit safer than swimming, these permanent sprinkler systems are a kid’s summer dream! Throw your kids’ swimsuits on, slather on the sunscreen and let them splash away their energy without having to waste your own water.

Why they’ll love it: What kid doesn’t like getting wet in the summer?

I couldn’t find a directory of U.S. splash pads, but you can find out more about them here.

6. An amusement park

From a small local park that offers train rides or a carousel to the extensive Six Flags, Paramount or Disney chains, your kids will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

Why they’ll love it: No need to explain this one!

Find one near you here.

7. Farms–or a farmer’s market

Kids are fascinated with food and animals.

Why they’ll love it: Whether it be petting the animals or helping you pick out some fresh produce for supper, they’ll feel like they’re playing farmer for the day.

Find one near you here.


Image from pixabay.com

8. The zoo

Give your kids a peek at exotic animals that they may never see otherwise.

Why they’ll love it: Kids love animals. They can pretend they are on a safari (without having to get on an airplane!).

Find one near you here.

What are your ideas for summertime fun with your kids?

This post first appeared in the Mooresville Weekly newsletter.

Top image from pixabay.com

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