Recipe for a Toxin-Free Kitchen: 10 Homemade Kitchen Cleaners {at Keeper of the Home}

Today, you’ll find me over at Keeper of the Home, where I’m giving 10 recipes for homemade kitchen cleaners! Here’s an excerpt:

As we near the end of our “Spring Clean the Toxins” theme this month, let’s develop a recipe for a toxin-free kitchen. After all, the kitchen is often the center of the home, and it’s where we homemakers spend much of our time. 

We know that making ingredients from scratch and getting rid of hidden food/food prep toxins is a great start. And by using simple, natural homemade cleaners, we can eliminate many other toxins that could otherwise leach their way into our systems.

Hop on over to Keeper of the Home to read the rest of this post! 

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