Lysol, Bleach and Keepin’ It Real…


My hubby was armed with lysol in one hand and thieves oil in the other!

Here at The Humbled Homemaker, I like to keep things real. I’m not perfect. I’ve been humbled. I mess up all the time. I’m!

And sure, I blog a lot about natural/green living–like using cloth diapers, making homemade cleaning products and how to live a more natural lifestyle

But do I ALWAYS live a 100% “green” lifestyle?


Me holding Toddler Girl

A few weeks ago is a prime example. My family suffered off and on for about 3 weeks from the awful, terrible, no-good norovirus. This virus is like the stomach virus of all stomach viruses. I previously had the misconception that stomach bugs only last 24 hours. 

Well, with this one, it just wasn’t the case. 

And let me tell you, the norovirus is STRONG. It’s like a super bug. Little Girl (age 3 1/2), my hubby and myself each had the main symptoms (I’ll let you figure what those are on your own.) about 3 days, but Toddler Girl (18 months) kept getting re-infected. In fact, she got re-infected a total of 4 times!

The babies took a bleach bath. Sadly, one baby lost her head. 😉

Come to find out, the norovirus is so strong that supposedly only bleach and lysol can kill it. Now, I didn’t do in-depth research on this, so don’t take my word for it. But by the third week of only using natural cleaning products, my hubby finally took a trip to Wal-Mart to get some bleach and lysol (yes, I just admitted that!). 

And once we pulled out these “big dogs,” the virus settled down, and, finally, left our home. 

Now do I advocate using bleach and lysol any other time? Well, no, I don’t. These two cleaning products are powerful–but they are laden with bad-for-you chemicals. We used masks and gloves to clean. And hubby did a ton more cleaning than I did since I’m preggo

Do I suggest using natural cleaning products first? Absolutely. We actually used the lysol and bleach in combination with thieves oil and oxygen bleach

Is this humbling to tell you? Well, sorta. But you need to know. You don’t need a blogger who is going to pretend that everything is always perfect and green and natural in her home. 

We tried boiling the toothbrushes. They, um, didn’t survive.

When, in reality, life happens

So, here’s some grace for today. My name is Erin. I’m a humbled homemaker. I’m seeking to be a green and natural mama to the glory of God. And a few weeks ago, I used bleach and lysol. 

Have you ever “given in” and put away your natural cleaners to get rid of a virus?

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