Natural Relief for Varicose Veins

Growing up, I heard my grandmother, aunts (on both sides of my family), and own mother lamenting their varicose veins. They were unsightly–and they were painful. Surely I’d never get them, right? Wrong. And when I did, I was determined to find some natural relief for my varicose veins!

Really, I cannot complain too much. Although I did start getting some very small spider veins on my legs in my late teens and early 20s, I did not have any problems with varicose veins until my second pregnancy in 2010–when I was nearly 30. I had two things working against me: genetics and pregnancy!

Boy, were they painful! But the pain subsided after my daughter’s birth, and, for the most part, the vein itself faded and was barely visible until I became pregnant again this past November.

Unlike during my second pregnancy, when the veins (well, it was really just one) started bulging towards the middle to end of my second trimester, this time around they seemed to pop right out almost as soon as I discovered I was pregnant! I knew I couldn’t make it my entire pregnancy with achy legs–especially while chasing around a toddler and a preschooler!

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There are three main natural relief methods I’ve used for my varicose veins this pregnancy (these can also apply to women with varicose veins in general! I know I have them for life now, so I will be incorporating these even after baby arrives!):

Compression Hose: I know–they are not attractive. There is just no way around that. But, let me tell you, I can definitely tell a difference when I am wearing them! Depending on the severity of your varicose veins, you may not have to wear full toe-to-tummy compression hose. My varicose veins are only on my right leg, so I wear a toe-less thigh high on my right leg. This keeps me cooler in the summer, and the toe-less feature allows me to wear open-toed shoes, sandals and flip flops. Compression hose can be pricey, but my insurance actually paid for them. It is important to have your doctor or midwife examine your veins and prescribe the correct compression level for your situation.





Elevating my legs: If at all possible, I try to keep my legs elevated. I also try to move my legs around in different positions if I am going to be sitting for a long time.






Trilight Health’s Circulatone Formula: I was really excited when I found out that Trilight offers this circulation-support formula, and it was the first formula I ordered and started taking. (I have also been using their NRG-energy-boosting formula and TriIron throughout my pregnancy.) I have noticed a significant difference when I have neglected to take my circulatone. If I go a day without taking it, my legs will ache. If I am vigilant about taking it, my legs feel fine–even when I get lazy and don’t wear my compression hose!

All three of these relief methods are natural and easy to implement. Elevating your legs is something anyone can do (and is free!). I purchased my hose at a local women’s health store, but they can be found at a plethora of online retailers (and I would just have your doctor/midwife recommend one), and Trilight Health’s circulatone contains only natural herbs (bilberry, rosehips, cleavers herb and ginkgo) in a base of kosher vegetable glycerine and reverse osmosis water. I will probably keep taking it after my baby arrives since circulation/vein problems run so rampant in my family.

You can get circulatone on the Trilight website. The company offers free shipping for all orders over $25! (I recently discovered they are also offering their lympha rub for FREE just for signing up for their newsletter!)

Do you have any varicose veins? What are some natural relief methods for varicose veins that you can recommend?

 *This post was sponsored by Trilight Health.  Top image by joeracer and elevated leg image by  olga.palma
*Disclaimer: Please consult your trusted healthcare provider before implementing any of these suggestions. I am just a mom who likes to research!

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  1. Lacey says

    Hi! Found you through My Green Resource …. I clicked on the link because I have a similar story to you …. varicose veins that popped up during my second pregnancy. I have been wearing the full toe to stomach compression hose, as it’s winter in Australia where I live and they do make a difference, despite being ugly and so expensive!

    I have found 2 other natural relievers: heat and exercise. I found that once I started walking regularly, it boosted my circulation dramatically and really helped alleviate the pain. Sounds weird right? Like you should rest those legs, not work them, but I found it to help more than almost anything else.

    The other thing that helps a lot if I am suffering discomfort is heat therapy. Either a hot bath, or a wheat bag, or even a washcloth with hot water held against the veins helps a whole lot, reducing the swelling instantly. I have the veins in my pelvic area, and this has been the only thing that helps them. On a rough day, it’s my saviour.

    • says

      Hi Lacey! Thank you SO much for coming over and sharing your story! I am due in one week with baby #3, and I really, really hope to get back to exercising more after she’s a few weeks old. I think this will help–and it’s good to know it’s helped with you! Thanks for the heat tip. I’ll have to try that! Sounds easy enough! Thanks for visiting. :)

  2. Rachel says

    I struggled with my varicose veins for 3 years before I finally found a place that could permanently remove them without surgery or a lot of money. I have tried a lot of different treatments and creams before I had my laser procedure done at the USA Vein Clinic. The procedure only lasted about 15-20 minutes and I didn’t experience any pain at all. My insurance even paid for 100% of it. Thanks to them I no longer have to worry about my veins and being self conscious and spending a lot of money on treatments that don’t work. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

    • Julia says

      Really? Your insurance paid 100%? What insurance? I’ve never heard of insurance paying for a cosmetic procedure.

  3. Atlas Stands says

    Well i am using veno rid serum about 3 weeks ago. On some of my smaller veins I saw some minimizing. On the larger clusters of visible veins I definitely saw a difference. The clusters are not visible. I am going to order this again.

  4. says

    Varicose veins are not a fun thing to deal with. I didn’t know something as simple as elevating your legs could be so helpful. I know that its easier said than done for some people. It might be a little difficult for my grandmother to sit like that. Thanks for sharing these methods.

  5. says

    You stated getting spider veins in your late teens? I didn’t think they started that early for a woman. I just remember my wife getting them after the second pregnancy. I didn’t think it started before that.

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