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Today I am excited to announce that two of my best blogging buddies, Nikki and Leigh Ann of Intentional by Grace and Christian Mommy Blogger, are launching a new website: Intentional Homeschool.

Here’s what these two lovely ladies have to say about this new ministry:

“The mission of Intentional Homeschool is to encourage mothers to cultivate a love for learning and exploring within the hearts of their children from birth to adulthood. Learning does not begin when we send our children off to school or buy their first curriculum for homeschooling. The opportunity to guide, educate, inspire, encourage, and exhort our children, in not only normal development but in the ways of the Lord, begins the second they enter this world. We believe children are far more capable of grasping the concepts of the Bible far sooner than we give them credit for.

At Intentional Homeschool, it is our desire to provide refreshment for the soul partnered with practical tips and resources to make your homeschool a place where it is impossible to not think about God.”

Not Just for Homeschoolers

We want to encourage you to see your home as a place of learning no matter your views on how to “formally educate” your children. We believe this site will be applicable to those planning to homeschool, as well as those planning to send their children to public school. We believe Intentional Homeschool is applicable because, as parents, we are commanded by God to instruct our children. We want to encourage you to intentionally pursue the hearts of your children, instructing them in the way they should go, no matter how you choose to educate formally.

I’m really excited about this launch because I personally struggle with instructing my children.

I feel like I’m really putting myself out there to say this, but even though I wholeheartedly love my children and want more, I am not, by nature, a “little kid” person. I don’t naturally think of games to play–and I don’t have a “crafty” bone in my body.

You’re more likely to find me explaining to my 4 year old that salmon contains good omega-3s for brain development (yep, that was an actual conversation we had over lunch today).

In the little kid arena (which as the mother of a newborn, 2 year old and 4 year old–that’s my season), I need help.

And that’s where sites like Intentional Homeschool come into play.

Nikki and Leigh Ann have some great giveaways planned for their launch! Check this out:

Now, we party! To kick off our launch, we have giveaways galore lined up for you! What better way to celebrate can you think of? Starting tomorrow and going through Friday, we’ll have giveaways posting at various times throughout the day. So check back often to see what’s new! You can also pin our giveaway page so you can easily check back to see what giveaways have been posted. We’ll be updating our giveaway page as each giveaway goes live. We’ve also listed the companies who are giving items away, so check it out here.

Do you seek to intentionally homeschool your children from birth? What are your tips for intentionally instructing your children?

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  1. Nikki @ Butterfly Ministries says

    Erin, thanks soooooo soooooo much for sharing this in your uber busy editorial schedule!! I want you to know I am not a crafty person either! But I have really started to become one with homeschooling. It is so fun! Can’t wait to share ideas!! You rock girlie!!!

  2. Rebecca says

    We are planning to homeschool our 2 year old son and baby on the way (and any more children we have). I was homeschooled through highschool, as was my husband, so we have a great support system in our family and church!

    As our son grows older and I consider homeschooling more and more, I realize that he already IS being homeschooled! Learning is not just about sitting down to “workbooks” or reciting multiplication tables (ugh!), but it’s what my son does every day—eagerly absorbing life around him. Learning about nature when we’re outside, helping mommy cook and clean, collecting and counting eggs from our hens, reading books with us… he is learning so much! In a sense we are already homeschooling, and if it is so much fun now, I can’t wait until he’s older!!

    Yikes, sorry for the long post…. guess I am looking forward to homeschooling :-)

  3. says

    “I don’t naturally think of games to play–and I don’t have a “crafty” bone in my body. You’re more likely to find me explaining to my 4 year old that salmon contains good omega-3s for brain development” YES! Me too! When my kids are hungry I ask them to make me a proposal and I started that at age 2! Nice to meet a fellow non-crafter.
    Becca recently posted..The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – November 2My Profile

  4. says

    We’re planning to home school our children as well. We have a 3 yr old son and two on the way (one biological and one through adoption) and I’m feeling nervous at the proposition of beginning “formal” homeschooling. We’ve been intentionally learning and teaching since day one, but curriculum and planned activity is a bit intimidating!

  5. Jennifer says

    There is nothing wrong with not being crafty (that is what library storytime is for!) and explaining things well. My four yr. old who got nutruition “lectures” is now a successful senior in high school with a great vocabulary. (He was homeschooled until high school.) I’m sure all of you (loving and concerned mothers) can succeed at homeschooling, no matter what kind of mother you are!

  6. Heather says

    You don’t have to be crafty to give your kids a great education. There are so many crafty peeps out there to help you with that, plus if you invest in a good curriculum, your teacher guides give you ideas. I currently home school 3 out of my 4 kids, and I have another one on the way, and honestly, I don’t do a lot of crafts b/c I can’t always supervise it with other kiddo’s needing help with reading or math. So don’t feel bad, they will learn, especially if God is the center of all subjects. Children will act out what they learn, and demonstrate their new knowledge by using their imaginations to build and construct things on their own. If you teach them a worldview that helps them interpret life and situations as God see’s it, then get ready to hear from God through your children as they look out the window and tell you about His creation. Paper, glue sticks, glitter, and crayons don’t even compare. So don’t be upset if you’re not creative, you teach your children and train them to know that God is in everything, and they will flourish and bless and inspire you.

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