Get to Know the Heart Behind CPT Worldwide {High-Quality, Affordable Fertility Products}

A few months back, I discovered a wonderful pregnancy and fertility test supplier that sells their high-quality products at very, very affordable prices! They are planning on renaming their business Kisses from Above very soon–but for now, they go under the name CPT Worldwide. The CPT stands for Cheap Pregnancy Tests.

My absolute favorite aspect of this business is that they value life. As a pro-life company, they supply crisis pregnancy centers around the world with tests–and they never sell to abortion clinics.

I have not yet been able to use one of their tests, as I was still expecting Baby Girl #3 when I discovered this wonderful company. However, be on the lookout for a review and giveaway for their ovulation kits soon–as my fertility (which often returns early) returned last month (much to my chagrin–as Baby Girl was only 9 weeks at the time and is exclusively breastfed on demand!).

I asked CPT’s owner, Kendra, to share a little bit about her wonderful company–so you can know where to get some high-quality and cheap pregnancy and fertility products!

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1. Please share with us your vision behind CPT Worldwide:

It is my desire to help as many women as possible suffering from infertility or miscarriages.  And I have been privileged to meet many wonderful women who have shared their stories with me, and who also have encouraged me in my recent miscarriage.

2. What is the mission of CPT Worldwide?

To provide affordable fertility tests, along with other fertility/pregnancy products.  The arm of our business towards crisis pregnancy centers holds a special place in my heart.

3. What are some of the other products you offer besides pregnancy tests?

Currently we offer ovulation and pregnancy tests, fertility supplements, natural progesterone cream, fertility books, and basal thermometers After we make the move to Kisses from Above, we hope to slowly add in more pregnancy and postpartum products, such as a belly band and more herbal remedies for pregnancy complaints.  I’d love ideas as to what ladies want to see in our store!

4. Why is it important to you to keep your pregnancy tests so affordable?

We’ve went through some seriously hard times financially.  And I know what it’s like to make every penny count!

5. Tell us about the crisis pregnancy centers where you supply tests. Why is it important to you to supply tests to crisis pregnancy centers?

I love this question!  I have a strong belief that life begin in the moment of conception.  Sometimes it is not planned, but it is still a precious soul.  Since I couldn’t open a crisis pregnancy center myself, I thought “Why can’t I help those who do?”  So we decided to offer the tests to these centers at a deeply discounted rate as a way to minister to them.

6. When did you start CPT? Why did you start the company?

We opened up shop in April 2011.  It began as just a home business I could run to help bring in a little extra income without leaving my sweet home.  I like to joke that, with five children and one more on the way, if there is one product I know – it is this one!

7. Tell us a little bit about your family. Have you used the ovulation and pregnancy tests–as well as your other products?

We are a family of seven, soon to be eight Lord willing, and we live deep in the mountains of northern Idaho.  We have four boys and one girl, ages 11-2.  The Lord saw fit to take four babies Home over the years, and each one was heartbreaking.  It is this heartbreak that has made me reach out to fellow women who have said goodbye to little ones.  And it also made me dive into researching recurrent miscarriages.  It is with this knowledge that I hope to help other women.

8. What are your personal favorite products from the CPT Worldwide store?

It’s hard to say which are my favorites since each one comes personally recommended, and almost all of them I have used at one time or another.  But if there are two I would call my favorites, it would be the maca root and the pregnancy tests.

After suffering my fourth miscarriage in February, I gave my husband a bottle of maca root to take every day.  He had been in a traumatic motorcycle accident almost 5 years ago and the pain medications had, I believed, damaged his sperm.  Maca root is good for sperm production and health.  We got pregnant with this one on his third month of taking it!

And here’s where the pregnancy tests come in.  I got a very faint line at only 8 days past ovulation!  It was so faint my husband couldn’t see it, but I will not admit how many of these I’ve taken over the years and could tell you all about them in my sleep!  Sure enough, it continued to get darker and we are now very much officially pregnant – as my morning sickness lets me know hourly!

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Thank you so much, Kendra, for taking the time to show us the heart behind your business! I think knowing the heart and the person helps me feel confident in where my money is going!

Those who support CPT Worldwide through their purchases are not only benefiting from very affordable and high-quality products, but they are helping support a family who’s heart is to minister to women facing infertility, miscarriage and crisis pregnancies!

Use code: HOMEMAKER to get 15% off at CPT Worldwide!

What type of pregnancy and fertility products would you like to see CPT Worldwide carry in their store?

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    I recently got my cycle back after Baby #3 too, when she was just 4 months old. We are practicing Natural Family Planning this time around, for the first time after having a baby, and I’m a little nervous about making sure that I don’t get pregnant again. I’m definitely interested in basal thermometers, but also wondering about other resources for practicing NFP after having a baby, I’m unsure about whether I’m really ovulating or not (would be nice to know so we can make sure we’re preventing!)
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    Wow–sounds like an awesome company! I have had a lot to learn about my cycles and fertility (mom never talked me about this lol!) and I get excited about people with a heart to educate and support women in this season. Thanks for sharing about CPT, Erin!


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