My Secret Angel & Me {an Elf on the Shelf alternative} GIVEAWAY!

Last week my friend Stacy, co-owner (with her husband!) of Jack Be Natural, emailed to ask if I’d like to offer you a giveaway of the new Elf on the Shelf alternative that teaches the true meaning of Christmas–My Secret Angel and Me Book! This book teaches the story of Jesus’ birth–and it comes with a stuffed angel doll.

Of course I was excited to be able to offer this to you all!

The angel story was created by two moms–Rachel and Ashley. This is what they have to say about My Secret Angel and Me:

As mothers of young children, we desire to raise our children to know and love God.  We grew up believing in Santa and all the “magic” of Christmas.  As soon as we both had babies we were so excited to create the very same tradition within our own homes.  Very soon our children were almost four and the MAGIC was coming alive!  We quickly realized our “Santa talk” was turning Christmas into something we never intended it to be!  So each year, we baked a birthday cake for Jesus hoping our children would understand that all of our “celebrating” was in honor of the birth of our King!  We wished we could do more, to make Him come alive in our child’s minds the same way Santa comes alive to them throughout the entire month of December.

The sponsor of this giveaway is Jack Be Natural, a natural parenting store located in Charlotte, N.C. Although JBN specializes in a variety of children’s and family products, their specialty is cloth diapers! Check out their shop here!

Jack Be Natural is donating 100% of the profits from their My Secret Angel and Me sales to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital! This hospital specializes in cancer, and it never charges patients!

Jack Be Natural is also offering a 5% discount to all Humbled Homemaker readers using code ANGEL5!

This code is valid until 12-31-12. Note: This discount does not apply to My Secret Angle and Me, as all sales of these are for fundraising efforts. However, your 5% of stretched further at Jack Be Natural considering that they have FREE shipping on all orders over $10!

Enter below for your chance to win My Secret Angel and Me! (Email/Feed Subscribers will need to click to the site to enter.)

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    Love it! What a great idea! Thanks for introducing us to this. We were casual Elf-on-the-Shelfers for year, but three years back, his legs fell off, so now it feels kinda…wrong to hide half an elf or a lone leg somewhere. I like the angel idea much better. :)

  2. says

    What a great idea! I love the angel idea! We were hoping there might be something better than an elf out there that focuses on the birth of Jesus more than “being good”!

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