Save Money on Real Food with Your Grocery Budget Toolbox

A while back I introduced you to an eBook called Your Grocery Budget Toolbox by my friend Anne at Authentic Simplicity. In this 100+-page book, Anne shows you how you can trim down your grocery budget–but not compromise on your nutrition!

I was honored to edit this eBook, so I know it well. Before I began reading it, I thought that I pretty much had grocery savings figured out. Anne feeds her family of 4 whole, real foods on less than $300 per month–at, at the time, that was very similar to our grocery budget.

But I was delighted to find out that Anne has packed ALL kinds of nuggets into this eBook that I would have never considered!

In a nutshell, Anne teaches you about:

  • Once-A-Month Shopping
  • A Practical Budget
  • Price Lists and Price Caps
  • Internet Shopping Strategies
  • Resources for Healthy Food
  • and lots, lots more!

By the time I had finished Your Grocery Budget Toolbox, I was pumped up and motivated to turn my grocery shopping savings strategy upside down!

Over the course of the next week, I’ll be sharing with you how I’ve bettered my grocery savings since reading this book. And Anne is offering all Humbled Homemaker readers a discount on her book!

Use code “humbled” to get 25% off Your Grocery Budget Toolbox (this week only! Ends 1/22).

What are your best grocery savings tips?

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  1. Tiffany says

    I just purchased but after entering the discount code 3 different places it still didn’t take off the discount. I mean it’s only 2.00 we are talking about but still….

  2. Megan says

    My favorite tip (I am just learning): shop for more than one week at a time. I recently did a two week menu instead of one week and I also bought for a 5 week menu plan to prepare for the arrival of our 3rd baby. I found that I spent less on both shopping trips than I would have if I only shopped for just one week at a time. I am hoping to do this more!

  3. Cynthia H says

    The link to the book on Authentic Simplicity points out that the book is only available on Amazon.


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