Reducing Stress with neuro BLISS

Thank you to neuro BLISS for sponsoring this post and providing the product sample.

Reduce Stress with NeuroBliss

Water is my beverage of choice. In fact, I don’t normally drink anything else.

But a few weeks ago neuro Bliss contacted me and asked if I would give one of their drinks a try. Supposedly, the drink they were sending me would help alleviate stress. I was intrigued.

With our recent move and just life in general, it’s been a stressful season. So I took neuro Bliss up on their offer.

I drank neuro Bliss while we were unpacking after our move. I was skeptical, but I will say that, yes, I did feel less stressful and even full of more energy after I drank the drink!

Was it the placebo affect? I have no idea, but I did feel like it helped boost my spirit as I was getting our house together. I think at one point I even felt like whistling while I was washing dishes and looking outside of our kitchen window. (Or it could have been that I was just excited to have an actual window in my kitchen to look out of–as opposed to the townhouse where we lived for four years! Ha!)

The flavor I tried was a sparkling grape, and it was very yummy!

BLISS infographic on stress


neuro drinks recently conducted a study that surveyed more than 1,200 consumers. The findings revealed that:

  • Nearly 50 percent of Americans spend at least half their daily lives stressed out.
  • The cure for stress varies, with 89 percent agreeing that a night out on the town does little for stress relief.
  • More than half admit a vacation is what they need the most, while a quarter of the respondents say personal time would help treat the stress.
  • In response, neuro is urging Americans to join a stress reduction movement with the launch of its BLISS and Tell campaign, which encourages consumers to take time to relax and share their blissful moments.

I can really relate to being stressed out! I hate to admit it, but I think I am in the 50% of the population that stresses out way too much!

You can  enter the BLISS & Tell contest and weekly giveaway for a chance to win a $10k dream vacation.

Lightly Carbonated- Neuro Bliss

About neuro BLISS and neuro drinks:

  • neuro BLISS is a delicious tropical citrus lychee flavored drink designed to reduce stress and relax the mind.
  • It contains chamomile and a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea which has been found to reduce stress, produce relaxation and enhance focus.
  • This combination provides a calming effect and promotes a positive outlook by reducing stress levels, improving memory and attention and supporting the brain, resulting in the ability to concentrate on one’s goals – not the pressure.
  • All varieties of neuro drinks have only 35 calories per bottle and contain no artificial colors or flavors.
  • neuro drinks are available at Target, Walgreens, Safeway, 7-11 and other national grocery, convenience and drug stores.

Don’t forget: You can  enter the BLISS & Tell contest and weekly giveaway for a chance to win a $10k dream vacation!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. says

    ALPHA GCP is not harmful to the baby at all.

    Several recent animal studies help explain why alpha GPC is highly concentrated in breast milk, and why no pregnant or nursing mother should run low on choline. In mice bred to have Down syndrome5 it was found that supplementing the mother with choline during pregnancy, and nursing dramatically improved the attention function of offspring. Another study showed that choline supplementation during pregnancy completely offset the effects of alcohol on the fetus6. And yet another animal study proves that alpha GPC can turn down the inflammation in brain cells by stabilizing the important glial cells7 – a finding of high importance to all humans.

  2. Lele says

    I also wanted to know as to why the lanbel say consult your doctor if pregnant or nursing? Im currently exclusivley breastfeeding my 4 mo and hubby bought me this to help w the stress haha n i started to sip on it until i saw that warning. Now its just sitting in my fridge :/ help please

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