Now that I’ve been using my Zubie for a while…

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Zubie- A Christmas Gift for Your Car

A few months ago, I told you that I was eagerly expecting the arrival of my Zubie in the mail. And when it arrived, I wrote about how I could see this little device saving our family time and money (and keeping us safer on the roads!).

You could say that the Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy. I think it will come in very handy when we visit our family in Mississippi this summer. It's a 12-hour road trip!

I've been using my Zubie key for over a month now, and I love that it keeps track of the health of my vehicle's engine and battery. I also love that I can easily keep up with my husband's whereabouts when he runs errands, etc. because the Zubie will show me where he is on the road map on the app. Zubie in the diagnostics portal

One feature of Zubie that I didn't mention in my other posts is that it actually will estimate the value of your vehicle! We are hoping to start saving up for a new (to us, anyway!) car soon, and knowing how much we could potentially sell our van for now is super helpful as we plan our budget.

Zubie could definitely be a great gift for a loved one who either loves cars, travels a lot, has family who travels a lot–or is a teenage drive you want to keep tabs on. 😉 Zubie screen shot

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      You simply plug it into a port in your car and install the free iphone app! It is very easy to use. It works on most vehicles that are 1997 or older. They have a place on the website where you can search for your vehicle to make sure it works with it.

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