EXPIRED: An Apology…and An Offer

One more day for this wonderful resource!

    Hi Friends, Yesterday was officially our final day of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, but I owe you an apology: Our Ultimate-Bundles website was so flooded with traffic that it went down yesterday morning--off and on for about three hours.  Customer service is very important to us, and we received many emails from readers who were eagerly expecting to be able to purchase their bundles on the final day of the sale but were unable to do so because of our site … [Read more...]

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How I Make an Income from Home

Making Income from Home

In the spirit of transparency, I'm laying it all out. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time. One of my highest values for this site is being real. And so...here is my story of being a stay-at-home mom who could barely afford it, two years later.  It's been nearly two years since I wrote the post about how I was a stay-at-home mom who could barely afford it. That post has now been visited nearly 900,000 times, and I have been blown away by how its message has resonated with so … [Read more...]

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EXPIRED: My Top 10 Picks of Healthy Living Resources


As you all probably know by now, I get the really cool job (and honor!) of hand picking the resources in each Ultimate-Bundles sale. Our team works really hard to try to beat ourselves each time, and I think we've done it this time. I truly think this is the best healthy living bundle we have ever put together! As I was working on the sale this summer, I was blown away by the caliber of authors we were lining up. It made me so excited--and even giddy!--to be able to share these with you … [Read more...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Natural Medicine Cabinet

My Natural Medicine Cabinet The Humbled Homemaker

I've never been one to load up on medicine--never. Even in my super conventional days, I would only take medicine as a last resort.  I only took one antibiotic in childhood--for strep throat, as a teenager. And the only other antibiotic (besides during labor) I've had since was for a sinus infection when I was 25. My husband and I laugh at how, in a state of delirium, I accused him of trying to poison me for "forcing" me to take an ibuprofen when I had fever with mono. We were engaged, … [Read more...]

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A Grace-Filled Answer to the Essential Oils Wars

A Grace-filled Answer to the Essential Oils Wars

When I first began my healthy living journey over 6 years ago, the last thing I expected to encounter was division among those in natural living circles. In particular, I've witnessed otherwise meek and mild mamas tear each other apart over essential oils.  My sisters, this should not be! My introduction to essential oils I started using essential oils about four years ago. I remember my doula mentioning that they would aid in pain relief and relaxation during childbirth.  "Essential … [Read more...]

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EXPIRED: It’s Finally Here! (But not for long!)

Get The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle: 1 Week only! $29.97 for over $1,000 value! thehumbledhomemaker.com

It is with much excitement that I'm finally able to announce the contents of the 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! Behind the scenes, I've been working hard on this bundle all summer long! Along with being an author of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, my husband and I co-organize the entire sale with Stephanie and Ryan Langford of Keeper of the Home! My role? I get the really, really fun job of personally hand selecting the contents of the bundle. (Pretty cool if you ask me!) This … [Read more...]

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Smoothies for Every Season {25+ Unique Smoothie Recipes for All Year Long!}

Smoothies for Every Season

It's no secret that I LOVE smoothies. I make one nearly every day, year round. I even co-authored a smoothie eCookbook. But one thing I've noticed is that I easily get in a rut with making the same smoothies over an over again. I toss in some spinach, some berries, a banana and either water or almond milk--and call it a day. To spice things up a bit, I decided to curate a list of unique smoothie recipes for each season of the year. My state of North Carolina actually experiences … [Read more...]

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In Defense of Preschool: Why You Might Want to Consider It

In Defense of Preschool - TheHumbledHomemaker.com

If I were able to take you back to 2010, you'd see a very different mom, one who had ideals set forth in her head that she knew were absolutes. One of them? There was no reason to send your kids to preschool, and I, for one, would never be doing it.  First of all, children didn't need any formal instruction to learn during the preschool years. And secondly, there was no way, no how I was going to let my children out from under my wings until absolutely necessary (which, back then, would … [Read more...]

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The Best Freebie All Year, an Amazing Giveaway + a Healthy Living Update

UHLB Refer Friends Banner

THIS OFFER IF EXPIRED BUT THE GIVEAWAY IS STILL LIVE: I am thrilled to announce that the 2014 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is launching on Sept. 10! This sale is a joint venture between my husband and I and Ryan and Stephanie Langford--the couple behind Keeper of the Home. The sale will be live for 6 days only--through Sept. 15! I hand-picked this bundle's offerings, and I've been blown away by how well things have come together! I truly believe this is the best healthy living bundle … [Read more...]

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Complete Kids’ Craft Projects in a Box? Yes, Please! {Review & Giveaway}

Green Kid Craft Giveaway!

Welcome to our back-to-school giveaway week! We will have new giveaways up each day this week, so be sure to subscribe because you won’t want to miss them! Our final giveaway of the week is for one of my little girls' new favorite things--Green Kid Crafts! When they saw the green box arrive for this review, they bubbled over with excitement. My 6-year-old is especially crafty, and we had completed our first Green Kid Craft box a few weeks back. As a self-proclaimed non-crafty mom, I love … [Read more...]

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