The Fine Line Between Apathy and Acceptance {for the Postpartum Body}

The Fine Line Between Apathy and Acceptance {for the Postpartum Body} The Humbled Homemaker

My life forever changed 6 years ago, when I birthed my first sweet baby girl. My body did as well. With it, came the constant barrage of mixed messages our culture aims at women with postpartum bodies:   Embrace your tiger stripes! But don’t let yourself go!  You now have more to love! But don’t eat too many sweets—they’ll just add more to those love handles.  And so, the past 6 years, I've teeter tottered between two extremes--that fine line between apathy and … [Read more...]

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How I’m Adding Two Extra Hours to My Day

adding two extra hours to my day  The Humbled Homemaker

My mother likes to tell people that she kept me up until midnight each night when I was a baby--because I would sleep until noon the next day. It gave her the opportunity to get lots of housework done, without me hanging onto her ankles. Fast forward 33 years, and I've always struggled with going to bed at a decent hour and getting up early.  When I have absolutely had do to it for a job, etc., I've done it, but it's never been something I've enjoyed. But as the mom of three little ones … [Read more...]

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Weekend Reads {July 19, 2014}

The heavens declare the glory of God The Humbled Homemaker

My husband and I celebrated our 9-year anniversary this past week!--albeit via FaceTime on our phones. He is currently chaperoning a 10-day student trip to Costa Rica...and I cannot wait for him to get home! He was super sweet to leave me little notes and gifts around the house while he was gone. I'm so glad we will be reunited this weekend! Also this week, I have been working a lot on a soon-to-be-revealed project, and the girls and I enjoyed a fun day at the pool. To follow along with me … [Read more...]

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Simple Baked Cabbage

Simple Baked Cabbage The Humbled Homemaker

Want to hop right to your chance to win a LG refrigerator? Click here! I don't know about your family, but the kitchen tends to be the center of our home. Life's good in the kitchen. It's where we reminisce about the dishes our mothers created during our childhoods, and it's the place where we work with our children to form new memories of our own. I recently had to laugh to myself when I realized that one of my favorite recipes to cook now involves a food I hated when I was a little … [Read more...]

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He Restores

our wedding day with roses

I had no earthly idea what I was getting myself into. And, really, I think few of us do. I had met him two years before at a party for ESL students in Costa Rica. I had flown in a few days before to spend a year there teaching the children of missionaries. It was a dream come true--moving to Costa Rica, that is. My heart and life and passions intersected. I had breathed mission work and international service and the Latino culture and Spanish language since childhood. Soon after we … [Read more...]

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My New Secret Weapon in Getting Housework Done {+ My Favorite Podcasts}

Getting Housework Done  The Humbled Homemaker

You know that just because "homemaker" is in my blog title that doesn't mean I'm the perfect wife, mother and house cleaner, right? I'm humbled. Truly, I'm very, very humbled in the area of homemaking. I think part of it is that I am just easily bored and easily distracted. If you were to tour my home on a random day, you'd likely find a half-folded basket of laundry, a partially-loaded dishwasher and the vacuum standing in the middle of the floor (because I thought of something and just left … [Read more...]

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How to Choose a Dairy-Free Milk

How to Choose a Dairy-Free Milk  The Humbled Homemaker

My family has been mostly dairy-free for over three years now. It started when our first daughter was diagnosed with a dairy sensitivity right before she turned three. Our second daughter experienced respiratory problems and ear infections her entire first year--until we discovered her dairy sensitivity as well. When our third daughter started breaking out into a rash every time I consumed dairy, we decided it might be best for all of us to give it up. But honestly? Giving up dairy hasn't … [Read more...]

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Weekend Reads {July 5, 2014}

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet The Humbled Homemaker

This week was full of good changes in my life, the start of forming some new habits that I hope will last for a long time! I began exercising again. I have found it really difficult to stick to the exercise habit since becoming a mom. I have ebbed and flowed, and one area I have always struggled in is getting up before my girls to do it. But I kept hearing that getting up early was the secret to making it happen. So I decided to give it a try. It has taken going to bed much earlier … [Read more...]

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The Risks and Benefits of Sun Exposure {at Keeper of the Home}


Happy 4th of July! I imagine that many of you will be out celebrating in the sun today. Last week I shared my views on the risks and benefits of sun exposure over at Keeper of the Home. Here's an excerpt: As a redhead with fair skin, sunscreen has always been a staple in my summertime skincare regimen. The few blistering sunburns and sun poisoning that inflicted me when my parents forgot to slather it on me as a kid left a lasting impression: Going without sunscreen hurts! But over the … [Read more...]

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An App to Save Time and Money While Shopping


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Loyalty Commerce. All opinions are 100% mine. I think I'm the rare woman who does not enjoy shopping. Give me a good book, a warm cup of chai and a comfy chair any day over dragging me out to the stores. But we all have to shop at some point, right? And when I do shop, my main focus is saving as much money as possible. As I've become {slightly} more tech savvy in recent years--AND have added to our family, I've increasingly ditched … [Read more...]

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