Editing Services

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I am currently taking a break from editing projects.


Before my homemaking days, I was a writer, editor, teacher and Spanish interpreter.

Along with writing and editing The Humbled Homemaker, I continue to write regularly for Carolina Weekly newspapers as well as for Lake Norman Mommies and Modern Alternative Mama.

With more than 6 years of journalism experience under my belt, I’ve decided to begin offering e-book editing services.


The going industry rate is $30-$40/hour, but my current rates are $20-$30/hour, depending on the complexity of the project. It normally takes approximately 1 hour to edit 10 pages.


“This was my 3rd eBook, but my best editing experience by far. Erin was prompt, detailed, friendly and her suggestions ranged from punctuation and grammar mistakes to suggestions on how to make my writing more descriptive and visual for my readers…all the while, ensuring that the book stayed true to my own voice and writing style. Her prices are so affordable for the quality of service she offers, and I will definitely be recommending her to other bloggers!” ~Stephanie Langford, author and editor of Keeper of the Home and author of an upcoming meal planning book edited by Erin

“For an editor, Erin combines thorough, empathetic reporter with the exacting writing standards that a newspaper must have. She’s a regular contributor to
all three of our Lake Norman-area newspapers, and we know that we will get her articles ‘ready to print.’
She understands the balance between capturing the essence of a story and idea and getting the spelling, punctuation and rhythm of writing right. I
recommend her highly, and I’m happy to discuss her work with anyone who wants to call me.”

~Frank DeLoache
Managing Editor
Carolina Weekly Newspaper Group

For more information, contact me at thehumbledhomemaker at gmail dot com.