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Create a Healthier Home

Hi! I'm Erin. I'm a wife, mom to 4, author, & homeschooling homemaker. I've spent the past decade+ creating a healthier home for my family. I wish we could have coffee together right now because I believe YOU, too, can confidently create a healthier home for your loved ones--without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed.

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You Can Stay Home With Your Kids

100 Tips, Tricks, and Ways to Make it Work on a Budget

Investing your life in your family brings you joy, and doing it on a single income doesn’t need to stress you out! Join Erin Odom as she shows you how you can live frugally—and thrive—while you raise your kids at home!

She shares 100 tips, tricks, and simple ways that she has provided on a budget for her family—and you can do the same!

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