Avoid MSG in your seasonings with a homemade spice mix recipe. This all-purpose seasoning goes great on chicken, beef, fish, or your favorite vegetable.

All Seasons Seasoning



  1. You can make this batch in any size--just substitute "parts" for the tablespoons.
  2. Once mixed, place in a small shaker.


  • Also, I have used fresh peppercorns, minced dried onions and garlic and tossed everything into my burr grinder and pulsed a few times. Sometimes the grinder doesn't get all the peppercorns--so when I make a new batch I toss the old in and grind again!
  • Because this is just the seasonings--no extra fake ingredients--it has a tendency to cake. So I add a few grains of rice to help soak up the moisture that might get in. Since our family can have rice, when I regrind it only adds a little extra crispness. If your family can't have rice, you can substitute something else or leave it out and just break up every once in a while.

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