Probiotic Powerhouse Orange Popsicles -

Probiotic Powerhouse Pops



  1. In a medium sauce pan combine honey and orange juice and warm on medium heat until mixture reduces by half. (If you prefer you can reduce the orange juice and add the honey at the very end to heat it. This will help retain more of honey's benefits.) Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature and set aside. I use an ice bath to help it along.
  2. Next, you'll combine the remaining ingredients. You can hand whisk, use a mixer or for easy mixing and pouring, or use a blender. Once combined, add in the honey/orange mixture and stir/blend until incorporated.
  3. Now you're ready to fill your popsicle molds. If you're using a blender with a pour spout this is so easy and low mess. Otherwise, a turkey baster works great for filling molds and not spilling liquid all over the counter. Freeze 10-12 hours.

Recipe by The Humbled Homemaker at