Gluten-Free Stuffing Paste



  1. Start by soaking the walnuts in a bowl of water for an hour or two. This is to soften the nuts enough to make it easier to blend in the food processor. I chose to soak the nuts because I have burned up the motor in other processors with nuts before. If you want to skip this step, be sure to cut off your processor if it smells like it's burning.
  2. Drain the nuts after soaking. Put all of the ingredients in the processor except the chicken broth. Add 1/2 cup of the broth to wet the ingredients to make it easier to blend.
  3. Run the food processor until a paste forms. Add broth a little at a time until mixture is wet enough to spread. The amount of broth you use will depend on how wet the nuts were. Set mixture aside.

Recipe by The Humbled Homemaker at