Do you know the THM plan, but need some help with menu planning?  Are you...

  • busy,
  • exhausted, or
  • just need a clear plan forward?

Perhaps you’re in a super busy season like I'm in - running kiddos to and fro!  Or maybe you don't have any spare brain cells to make sure that you're eating on plan and staying the course.  Or could it be that you need help switching up your fuel types to get the scale moving downward again?

You just need some additional support right now. 

You, my friend, are not alone. I can help!

Check out my 3-week slimdown bundles that include menu plans, shopping lists, recipes, and more!

What you get in each bundle...

  • 3 Weeks of Menu Plans
  • Complete Grocery Lists for Each Week
  • Printable Fuel Type Cheat Sheets
  • Recipe Links & Cards
  • Printable Bonuses
  • Access to the FREE Grace-Filled Trim Alumni Facebook group

What Trim Healthy Mama Is:

  • a low-glycemic, healthy eating lifestyle (not a diet!).
  • a plan that centers meals around protein, then focuses on either healthy fats or healthy carbs for weight loss.
  • a lifetime approach to trim and healthy, not a race to skinny.
  • adaptable to fit your own lifestyle.
  • doable without special ingredients.
  • forgiving and full of grace…your fresh start occurs every 3 hours.
  • a plan that approves cake for breakfast.
  • for those who stink at diets and don’t care to put in hours of exercise.
  • all about comfort food – with plenty of it!
  • an encouraging community of other women seeking to be good stewards of their bodies.
  • food FREEDOM!

What Trim Healthy Mama Is NOT:

  • a “get thin quick” diet.
  • focused on rigid rules, strict portion control, or calorie counting.
  • a Hangry Mama Maker. You can eat!
  • hours on the treadmill and green juice for breakfast.
  • stuck in low-carb or low-fat pits.
  • fearful of sweets – desserts are celebrated.
  • a salt denying plan.
  • fast, furious, and abusive. THM is slower, steadier, and healing-er.
  • grain-despising, butter-fearing, dairy-avoiding, fruit- ignoring, coffee-scorning, or fun-snubbing (unless there are true sensitivities to these foods…and ain’t nobody allergic to fun!).
  • effective for only 15-21 year olds with super high metabolisms and no baby bellies. THM was designed for real women with real challenges.

About Erin Odom--Your Certified Trim Healthy Mama Coach

I’m Erin, and I once was where you may find yourself now.

I began the Trim Healthy Mama way of eating in January 2019 after realizing my BMI categorized me as obese!

After having three babies in four years, I packed on the pounds to a weight I never imagined possible. Growing up, I was naturally thin, and the baby weight easily melted off my 20-something body after giving birth to my first child. It took me a year to “bounce back” the second time around. But after having my third and fourth babies in my 30s and suffering through gestational diabetes during my pregnancies, the weight wouldn’t budge.

Before conceiving my fourth child, I discovered Trim Healthy Mama. I quickly fell in love with this low-glycemic way of eating. Whereas other diets confused me, this plan made sense! I didn’t feel deprived, and I could even eat sweets without compromising my blood sugar. I lost 25 pounds before conceiving baby #4.

While I initially came home from the hospital at only ten pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight, the stress of having a newborn with some medical issues, parenting three other children, and running my business consumed me during my son’s first two years of life. Instead of sticking with the healthful, Trim Healthy Mama way of eating, I succumbed to binging on “light” popcorn and “organic” cheese puffs–or downing whatever snack I could get my hands on after going hours and hours without eating.

I could feel my blood sugar fluctuating via mood swings, shakiness, and fatigue, and there was even one time when I nearly dropped my newborn son when my blood sugar became dangerously low.

By the time my son was 22 months old, in December 2018, I knew something had to change. I got on the scale that month for the first time since he was born, and my heart sunk when I realized I had gained 30 pounds in the nearly two years after his birth! I took pictures of myself in a mirror, and I nearly broke into tears when I saw my reflection. I already knew I was high risk for type 2 diabetes because of a strong family history, past case of gestational diabetes, and my age. When I saw my belly fat, I thought: “I look like diabetes or heart disease waiting to happen!” This terrified me. I calculated my BMI and faced the hard truth that I was no longer just overweight. I was obese.

I calculated my BMI and faced the hard truth that I was no longer just overweight. I was obese.

I knew what I needed to do: I could choose to a healthy, low-glycemic way of eating now, or I would be forced to eat this way later because of disease. I chose the former and haven’t looked back. I lost 30 pounds in 2019, and I’m committed to eating the Trim Healthy Mama way–for life.

My eating habits are better than they’ve ever been, and I have the tools I need to make wise foods choices both now and in the future.

On top of losing weight, I’ve experienced many NSVs–Non-Scale Victories–because of Trim Healthy Mama. I’ve seen my energy levels increase, my anxiety diminish, and my cholesterol and blood sugar levels stabilize.

And, yes, I’ve gone down several sizes and can fit into those jeans I had moved to the back of the closet!

Read more about my personal Trim Healthy Mama journey here–>How I Stopped Blaming the Baby and Started Losing Weight . Dairy-free? Check out my Dairy-Free Trim Healthy Mama Meal Plan.

I’m now passionate about helping other women lose weight, re-gain their health, and watch their confidence soar–without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.

Pick the bundle that's right for you...


Q: Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

Absolutely!  All handouts, cheat sheets, menus, recipes, and bonus printables are yours to keep for good! Please note that these are copyrighted, so please do not distribute them to others.  If your friends would like a copy, please refer them to this page so they can purchase their own!  

Q: Are you a certified Trim Healthy Mama coach?

Yes, I am a certified Trim Healthy Mama coach.


Q: Do I need any specific cookbooks for these menus?

Yes.  Three of the menu plans come from Trim Healthy Table Cookbook (Summer 2021, Fall 2021, Spring 2022), and currently one (Summer 2022) comes from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (cookbooks are noted on each slimdown's sales page).


Q: Are the menus dairy free or gluten free?

The menus are gluten free (as I am gluten free!).  There are a few recipes that call for "on plan bread," and there are definitely gluten free options for those.  The menu plans are not fully dairy free.  They are *low* dairy, and most of the time an easy dairy free swap can be made.  I've had dairy free clients use these slimdowns successfully!


Q: Will I for sure lose weight with these slimdowns?

Trim Healthy Mama guarantees zero pounds lost in your first month following Trim Healthy Mama. HOWEVER, the vast majority of my clients do drop weight while following the slimdown meal plans.


Q: What are the benefits of using these menus versus making my own?

I have created these menus following the THM stubborn loser fuel patterns.  ALL of the work is done for you - the fuel juggling, the recipe variation, and the grocery lists!  These slimdowns can be used over and over again, and are worth the small investment up front...and some clients have done just that!  They've purchased the complete bundle and simply rotate for 12 complete weeks of done-for-you menus!


Q: Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of these materials, I do NOT offer refunds.