Making the Switch to Natural Make-Up and my Simple Natural Make-Up Routine The Humbled Homemaker

Making the Switch to Natural Make-Up

I say that making the switch to natural make-up has been a final frontier of sorts in my natural living journey. Transitioning to eating better, using non-toxic cleaning supplies and skincare products and just leading a greener lifestyle all came first. But the make-up? I always thought I wouldn't be able to afford natural make-up, and, besides, I really don't wear a ton of make-up anyway. In the very back of my head, though, I knew I would want to make the switch to natural make-up one day. Why? The toxic load in conventional cosmetics can be heavy! Among other ingredients to … [keep reading...]

Get The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 1 week only!

You Asked & It’s BACK! Introducing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! {+ a Facebook party!}

By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it's better than ever! If you read many blogs in the Christian homemaking sphere, you will probably be hearing a LOT about this bundle this week. Don't worry--the promos won't last forever (because most of us really don't like selling things!). But we believe in the value of this, and we are so incredibly excited to offer you this phenomenal deal. Let me give you a bit of the back story: A little over a year ago, I had a vision for putting together a massive eLibrary of sorts for … [keep reading...]

What Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Taught Me About Being a Humbled Homemaker

What Dr. Quinn Taught Me About Being a Humbled Homemaker

One of my favorite TV shows to watch during my teen years was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Perhaps it was the pioneer setting (much like my beloved Little House on the Prairie). Perhaps it was the love story--with season after season of longing glances--between Michaela and Sully. Or perhaps it was Dr. Mike's sheer determination to raise her three adopted children to the best of her ability while earning the respect of the townspeople--whom she sought to doctor despite the fact that she was a woman. Whatever did it, I remember my 13-year-old heart racing and my sister and I … [keep reading...]

Weekend Reads The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads

Happy Easter Weekend! I hope you are resting and enjoying time with family and will take time to reflect on the Savior's resurrection. It's been a super busy week again, as I've been finishing … [keep reading...]

Encouragement to Dream The Humbled Homemaker

Encouragement to Dream

This post was sponsored by New York Life. Find out how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going by visiting The inspirational video below, My Uncle’s … [keep reading...]

Weekend Links at The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Links

This week was crazy. And when I say crazy, I mean CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY! I didn't want to announce it on the blog or social media because, well, that's like asking for someone to break in my house, but … [keep reading...]

Attitudes The Humbled Homemaker

We are in Charge of our Attitudes

When I was 19, one of my childhood friends was killed instantly in a car wreck. It was my freshman year in college--her senior year in high school. She was only 17. The weeks that followed saw my … [keep reading...]

10 Allergen-Free Treats for Easter -

10 Allergen-Free Treats for Easter

Guest post by Lindsay of Fancy Food Thoughts If there is one thing I’ve learned about the holidays, it’s that it is very difficult to stay away from all of the foods and desserts that the kids and … [keep reading...]