Top 10 Posts of 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2013 |

It’s always fun to go back through my posts each year and check out which ones resonated with the readers the most!

2013 was a crazy year here at The Humbled Homemaker. I have lots of dreams for the year ahead–of ways I can connect more with you and really share my heart for grace-filled, natural living. But more about that later…

For now, check out the top 10 posts of 2013!


1. 5 Homemade Laundry Detergents

This was a round-up post of 5 unique homemade laundry detergents–and it includes some cloth diaper safe homemade detergents as well (because we all know how much I love cloth diapers! 😉 ).


2. Move Over, Whole Foods! {Save Money & Buy Healthy Food at Aldi!}

This year I revealed my love affair with…Aldi. For real: I started frequenting the discount chain as a newlywed, and I’ve never looked back. When we switched to whole foods, I delighted in figuring out how Aldi could totally still fit within our new healthy lifestyle.


3. Dear Mom Who Can’t Afford Organic Food

This was probably my most favorite post to write in 2013–and it took the most guts. Seriously, y’all, it was humbling to confess to you–and the world–that our family once spent time utilizing government aid. But the letters and comments that poured in afterward–from those blessed by this “letter,” were totally worth that humbling experience it was to pen it.


4. 10+ Homemade, Natural Stain Removers–Including the BEST Stain Remover Ever! 

I thought everyone knew the secret “BEST” stain remover ever…but I guess I was wrong. Evidently a lot of you are moms with little ones–who NEED homemade stain removers as much as I do! You loved this post!


5. Homemade Protein-Packed Peanut Butter Cups

This post actually went viral again last night when I posted it to Facebook. I made these homemade “Reeses” peanut butter cups again yesterday, and, seriously, y’all, they are so incredibly rich and yummy!

I made up the recipe when I was dabbling in Trim Healthy Mama, so they do include some odd {ish} ingredients (Truvia and brown rice protein powder from Vitacost), but you could easily sub in honey or sucanat (or sugar) for the sweetener and leave out the protein powder. And seriously–they are just as delish as the “real” thing…except they are so much more…real.



6. 5 Homemade Toothpaste Recipes

I’ve told y’all before that I use and love Earthpaste. But it’s always fun to look at homemade versions of personal care products. These natural, non-toxic homemade toothpaste recipes will keep the cavities away–and not load up your body with any yucky ingredients.



7. Practical Ways to Eat Well When You Can’t Afford Organic Food

I hate to write an encouraging post and then just leave y’all hanging–with no actionable steps to empower you to move ahead in your homemaking and natural living journey!

That is how the post “Practical Ways to Eat Well When You Can’t Afford Organic Food” was born. You were inspired by “Dear Mom Who Can’t Afford Organic Food,” and I didn’t want to leave you without tips on what you can do to eat healthy even on a low income.


8. 10 Reasons Why I’m Not Sending My 5-Year-Old to Kindergarten

Surprisingly, this ended up being quite the controversial post! But one half of the year is down, and I don’t regret waiting on kindergarten at all. I think our daughter will be all-the-more prepared as we embark on our university-model homeschooling journey next fall.


 9. Dear Mom Who Tried to Breastfeed and Thinks She Failed

This post came straight from my heart. I breastfeed. I LOVE breastfeeding. I’m that kind of quirky “crunchy” mama who breastfeeds her toddlers. (16-month-old Baby Girl is nowhere NEAR weaning, and that makes me super happy!)

But guess what? Breastfeeding is not the be all, end all.

I will advocate it until the fat lady sings, but I will not condemn those who weren’t able to do it for whatever reason. And if that’s you, I hope you’ll feel welcomed at this humble site.

Because you didn’t fail. You just didn’t.


10. Homemade Allspice Alternative

I have a secret: My name is Erin, and I make homemade spice mixes and spice alternatives because I’m too lazy to go to the store. No, really, I do.

And that is how this homemade allspice alternative was born. Go ahead…pin it…you might need it one day. 😉

What were your favorite posts of 2013–either here at The Humbled Homemaker or on another site? Once again, thank you SO much for reading! I love our sweet little community!

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