Dairy-Free Homemade Snow Ice Cream {tastes just like vanilla ice cream!}

Homemade Snow Ice Cream that tastes just like vanilla ice cream! This is INCREDIBLE yummy!  thehumbledhomemaker.com

I’ve eaten more vanilla ice cream this week than I’ve eaten in, well, I can’t remember when.

You see–I’ve been dairy-free for over a year now.We don’t own an ice cream maker (although I’ve been eyeing this one), and I’ve never paid for a dairy-free vanilla ice cream. So I’ve been sticking to sorbet or smoothies whenever I get a craving for a cool treat.

Until it snowed. And when I say it snowed, I mean it snowed–big time–at least for the South.

Our backyard: See! I told you it snowed!

Our backyard: See! I told you it snowed!

The state of North Carolina doesn’t see much snow. But about once a decade our definition of a “blizzard” hits.

In North Carolina, a blizzard may constitute anywhere from six to 12 inches of snow. (Go ahead, Northern friend, laugh. Laugh your heads off!)

But, truly, we got about a foot of snow over the course of a 24-hour period, and the girls were ecstatic! (Let’s be honest: hubby and I were pretty excited ourselves!)

Eating Snow

my 3 girls

Girls with Snowman

our front yard

Hubby suggested we try our hand at homemade snow ice cream. One problem: all the recipes online called for sweetened condescend milk. We needed a dairy-free option!

Have no fear. We pulled out the almond and rice milk. And the result was so delicious that I can’t seem to stop eating it!

Without further ado, here is our recipe for dairy-free homemade snow ice cream (that truly does taste better than “real” vanilla ice cream!):

Dairy-Free Homemade Snow Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Homemade Snow Ice Cream  Tastes just like vanilla ice cream!  The Humbled Homemaker


1/2 cup organic sugar

1 cup almond, rice or coconut milk

1 tsp. vanilla

8 cups snow


Combine sugar, milk and vanilla. Add snow to mixture and mix well. Top as desired (we topped with dark chocolate chips–yum!). Eat this quickly, as it melts fast! Store extras in the freezer.


Seriously, I wish we could make this every day! I guess we’ll have to settle for once per decade–unless North Carolina has a major shift in weather patterns. 😉

Does it snow where you live? Do you make your own homemade snow ice cream? Have you ever tried to make dairy-free homemade snow ice cream?

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  1. Jeanine says

    We live in Alaska and have lots of snow for 6 month of the year. Since my son has food allergies I will definitely try this one!!!

  2. Angela McMurry says

    I look forward to Fall each year because you can get the “cream based pumpkin frappucino” (ie no coffee in it)– and it tastes just like snow ice cream! (I live in Texas so we don’t get our share of snow either!!)

  3. Ginger says

    See if you can find a machine that does Hawaiian shaved iced and you can continue
    to enjoy your treat after the snow melts. They make great snow cones, slushies,
    and frappes too! I found one for under $20.

  4. Rebecca says

    Hehe, never thought I’d see the word ‘snow’ in a recipe! Looks yummy though! I eat very little dairy myself, and considering that we can hardly see over the snow piles on either side of our walkway, I think we have plenty of snow to give it a shot… Think I could use coconut milk instead? I am sensitive to tree nuts also.

    (Here in Maine, we have been getting a nice 6 – 8 inch snowstorm about 3 times per week recently, and it’s starting to stack up. Yes–we’re getting a little tired of it now!)

  5. Reba says

    i love this recipe – so I’ll pass it on to anyone who is lactose intolerant, like my grandchildren were when they were born – but have outgrown it.

    I was born and raised in Eastern N.C. in Fayetteville, but have moved quite a bit – my husband was in the Army. Living in Colorado now with my daughter – so we get plenty of snow. Haven’t made any snow cream since I was a child living in N.C. – so you know I didn’t get it often. I also miss the best BBQ in the world – from Wilson, N.C. (Bill’s BBQ – in case you ever get over that way.

    • says

      Thanks for the BBQ rec…my hubby loves it! We live in the Lake Norman area, north of Charlotte…we are having our first (and only) snow for the year (most likely!) right now!

  6. says

    we live in NC on the coast. Today February 24, 2015. We got some nice snow, which I am sure you did as well seeing it covered the whole state. Big beautiful flakes!
    Thank you for this recipe, my 2 year old loved this treat, as did I.

  7. Jmama says

    We made some today, too. Almond milk, coconut cream, vanilla and sugar. I blended them together, poured into the snow and stirred it all together, it was delightful. The fat from coconut cream makes it even tastier.

  8. Gina Fuhrmann says

    I don’t think you are aware- eating snow could be harmful. It is just water and seems ok but as the snow falls to the ground it captures pollutants in the air when it falls. Eating a little here or there wouldn’t be a problem but 8 cups- that is another story- just research it-


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