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    • Elsie

      Yes, I’m LOVING living in Amish country! They have great bulk food stores and farm stands.

      • Olga St. P

        I am also moving towards Amish products: I mostly buy my ground meat, eggs, and chicken from them. I was trying to research how meat and poultry is raised by Amish and how Amish milk and milk products are compared with Organic, as I still get my Organic Whole milk at my grocery store. Any thoughts??

        • Elsie

          As far as I know, there isn’t any blanket standard for Amish animal products, and you’d probably need to talk to the individual farmer. I’m sure most of their products would be more healthy than those in the grocery store, though, if only because the animals aren’t “factory-farmed” and likely have more access to the outdoors. They won’t be completely organic if they’re not eating strictly organic feed, but I believe grass-fed is better than organic anyway. (Organic animal products aren’t necessarily pasture-raised.) As far as milk products go, I think many Amish still drink raw, but they may pasteurize it before selling it to the general public, depending on state laws. Anyway, organic grocery store milk is still better than regular grocery store milk!

  1. Faith Storms

    Ethnic food stores are great for finding brown rice pasta as well!

  2. Mary Ann

    Just be sure you have permission to forage where you are foraging. We recently bought some land and have been astounded at the audacity of a person who was “foraging” under the chestnut trees on our property.

    • Elsie

      Yes, thanks for that reminder! We used to have people help themselves to the blueberries along our fence. One time my mother confronted someone about it and their response was “We saw other people doing it!” My mother smiled: “Yes, that was us.”

  3. court

    When you suggested Craigslisy, how did you search for it? I realize that due to the time of year fruit trees are dormant,but would like to know for next year!

    • Elsie

      Court, search under the “farm and garden” and “free” categories. Sometimes people just want to clean up their yards and are willing to give you the fruit/nuts/etc. if you’ll gather it and take it away!

  4. Kay DeFreese

    In addition to doing all of the above I also order from Azure Standard that comes to my town once a month. If you are blessed to have an Azure drop in your town or nearby you should check them out. They are always looking for new places to go. Give them a call and let them know you are interested in a drop in your area.

    • Elsie

      I’ve heard so many good things about Azure. I really should give them a look!

    • Olga St. P

      Thanks for the info on Azure. I am going to do more research about the company. I am on the east coast in Phila, wondering if this is too far?? Any tips or suggestions?

  5. Shari

    I buy fruits and veggies from bountiful have for about two years and it is way cheaper than grocery stores.

  6. Jenny

    We have a program called Fare For All in Minnesota that buys meat and produce in bulk so they can pass on incrediable savings to us. You don’t get to pick what you get but they don’t buy “strange” fruit, veggies or meat. It has saved us a ton plus you can buy as many “packs” as you want. They also provide Easter, Thanksgiving and Chrimas packs at incrediable savings. Huge blessing to our family. We also have a local church that distributes bread once a month in our town. We get on average 6 loaves of bread, 6 extra bread items (buns, bagels etc.) and 2-4 special bakery items all for $3.

  7. MelissaMiSo

    FOOD NOT BOMBS For Free, Often Organic, Produce, Dairy, And Breads. FAMILY TABLE FOOD MINISTRIED For Low Cost New Boxes Of Food Once A Month. (Sorry About The Capitalized Words. My Phone Is Acting Up.)

  8. Christine Pasek

    We are very lucky to have a farmers market across the Erie Barge Canal from our small city. This market is open EVERY Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday year round. In the winter it’s less busy but in the other seasons trying to find a parking spot sometimes seems impossible! We also have a farm market stand about 45 minutes away that has an Auction every [email protected] 6PM from sometime in late May to mid October. You never know what you’ll find but it’s always interesting & the items are good quality & usually inexpensive.

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