15 Minutes to Fitness & Health for the Busy Mom

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Just 15 minutes to getting fit?! Yes, please! I needed these exercise tips!

By Mary, Contributing Writer

15 minutes…such a luxury for the busy mom. There is so much to do during the day and moms are so exhausted.

But Mama, you need to take a few minutes to recharge your battery and better your health so you can be what you need to be. People are counting on you. With time being so short in these busy years, 15 minutes is all you need to be on the path toward better health and losing inches. 15 minutes using T-Tapp.

I know…I am a wife, homeschool mom to 2 sons, farm girl who supervises the raising of 150+ calves, help with farm bookwork, blogger, essential oil educator, T-Tapp Trainer. I am just like you…BUSY!!!

Many days 15 minutes feels like more than I can spare, but my health depends on T-Tapp.

I have had many health problems through the years that T-Tapp, homeopathics and essential oils have helped. I HAVE to T-Tapp to function.  My problems of congested lymphatic system, PCOS, lupus symptoms, fibrocystic breast disease, and thyroid issues are all helped with T-Tapp.

When I don’t T-Tapp, I start to feel bad and don’t have the energy that T-Tapp gives me.

T-Tapp has also helped many people with fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, chronic fatigue, severe back issues, thyroid problems, alzheimers and learning disabilities…the list goes on!  T-Tapp heals from the inside first and then changes are noticed on the outside. Lymphatic pumping (only accomplished by walking, rebounding, T-Tapping and dry body brushing) and getting the junk out helps your body heal inside first.

Not only does it help my health, but the inches melt away. Weight? Who cares? I don’t even check the scales, but I use the measuring tape and how my clothes feel.

Are you blessed with good health or work really hard to stay healthy? T-Tapp will help you stay that way and help the inches MELT away quickly and help you tighten and tone.

What is T-Tapp?

It isn’t tap dancing. It is More than a Workout and

  • Is done without weights, equipment, or jumping.
  • Can be done in 15 minutes in a couple of feet of space.
  • Is very rehabilitative, especially for the lower back and knees. The movements look so simple, but they provide a workout like no other…for ALL fitness levels.
  • Works all layers of the muscle at both attachments to develop muscle density instead of muscle bulk, so you get long, lean muscles.
  • Is more than a mind/body workout~T-Tapp is a left/right brain, mind/body workout.
  • Is where less becomes MORE! Instead of working long and hard, discover how quality of movement can be more important than quantity. You never do more than 8 repetitions.
  • is a lot more than just burning calories/fat – it literally resets and rebuilds your primary body functions (i.e.: lymphatic system, endocrine system, metabolic rate and elimination systems, among others).
  • is comprehensive – never working just one muscle group, but 5-7 groups at a time, the T-Tapp Workout is designed to fatigue muscle groups layer by layer, and inch loss can come quickly.
  • Increased energy, mental clarity and overall health immediately improve as your body tightens and tones.
  • Faster inch loss occurs because muscles develop like girdles so they can uplift and cinch in target areas of concern.
  • T-Tapp develops long, lean muscle fibers with strength and flexibility for greater muscle density instead of muscle bulk.
  • Does not focus on weight loss, but inch loss. Get rid of the scale and focus on the inches and how your clothes feel. Muscle weighs more than fat.
  • named for the creator and developer, Teresa Tapp.

Basic Workout Plus is known as the 15 minute workout. You can get fit in 15 minutes. You can improve your health and lose inches in a few minutes just a few times a week. Remember, less is more in T-Tapp. Don’t worry, if you love long workouts, T-Tapp has those available too.

T-Tapp can be done with the whole family! TappCore consists 9 individual moves that can be done one at a time, whenever you can fit it in or all together for a workout. This is great to do with kids and is used in many schools in Florida. T-Tapp helps with mental clarity and rebuilds right brain/left brain function, so it is also great for developing minds or those with Alzheimers.

Sneaky Fitness

You can sneak in T-Tapp moves during the day while walking up and down the stairs, standing in line, washing dishes, driving, pushing a shopping cart, and while sitting. How?

Ribs up, shoulders back, stomach in (imagine pulling belly button to spine), and tuck your tail.  This allows you to breathe deeper, improve your posture, and tighten your stomach. Imagine that you can zip up your stomach and hold it there. Stand up tall, improve your posture and give your organs more room to function as they are supposed to. Quit slouching!

Flip palms up with thumbs out to help your shoulders stay back. 

Take deep breaths. Big Inhale…BIG exhale.  Get all the air out. Keep exhaling… It is possible to shrink those ribs that expanded in childbirth. I lost 3 inches in a few days at the bra line through deep breathing at the T-Tapp Retreat 2 years ago. 

Want to burn calories fast and lower your blood sugar, all while getting a brain/body workout and trimming your lower half?  Try Hoedowns after each meal ~ even when I am out…I head to an empty restroom or dressing room to get my hoedowns in!! http://youtu.be/lsURicKB_G8

Exercise Your Skin

We have talked about exercising our muscles, trimming and toning, helping with health problems, but did you know you can get more benefits and toning by exercising your skin? Yes, You Can with Dry Skin Brushing! It helps move the lymphatic system and get rid of cellulite by pumping out the junk. Combined with T-Tapp, you will see great results by brushing!

Want to know more?

Learn more about T-Tapp from the creator of T-Tapp, Teresa Tapp here and here and get a sampling of the workout. It was originally created to help chemo and cancer patients and then it was soon found to help everybody! Teresa also has a bad back injury and developed this to help her back problems, so she knows pain and suffering and how T-Tapp can help with that.

You can read about My T-Tapp journey  from sickness to health improvements to a Certified T-Tapp Trainer. See my testimony at the T-Tapp Retreat.

Want to see what T-Tapp looks like? Check out the Try Before You Buy exercises. Want some free videos to check out what T-Tapp is all about? Go here to view the videos. Where do I start with T-Tapp? Learn more here.

Give T-Tapp a try. Commit 15 minutes to better your health. Because, Yes! You Can!!

GIVEAWAY! (***Expired***)

Mary is offering one Humbled Homemaker the 15 minute program~ Basic Workout Plus.

 Great as a warm up or as a stand alone workout, Basic Workout Plus delivers inch loss as well as improved health/wellness.  Basic Workout Plus is the first half of the Total Workout plus the exercise Hoe Downs, which is the 3-minute sugar blasting move that drops glucose 62-85 points. Basic Workout Plus proves that less is more with T-Tapp.  Learn the basic T-Tapp techniques that make any workout more effective!


  • Instructional Workout #1: teaches how to do each exercise step by step with detailed instruction.
  • 15 Minute Basic Workout Plus: includes all of the movements from Instructional Workout #1 done without instruction at the regular pace, plus the exercise Hoe Downs.

Plus, you get 3 free gifts:

  • Barefoot Basic Plus DVD: teaches the primary principles of how to maximize muscle activation
  • Basic Plus Tempo DVD:  includes the newest muscle activation techniques to increase results, plus a special menu that allows you to choose each exercise individually for practice or to target your areas of concern
  • Yes You Can Seminar DVD: 90-minute seminar explaining how & why the T-Tapp program works, includes several exercises to target different areas of concern & how to apply T-Tapp techniques with daily activity


  • Measuring Tips
  • How To Guidelines booklet
  • God Made/Man Made Dietary Program brochure
  • Additional Tips for Optimal Results brochure
  • Unlimited Free Tech Support
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Join Fit2b.us

Fit2B is another great way to stay in shape! For just $9.99/month, Fit2B is a fraction of the price of a gym membership. But Humbled Homemaker readers get an even better deal! Use code humbledhomemaker to get 30% off a 1-year membership!

Erin’s Week 5 Update:

Weight: Down .7 lbs.

Total Weight Loss: 2.7 (I would have like to have lost more by now, but I’m learning that slow and steady weight loss is better in the long run, and hopefully I’m gaining some muscle, which weighs more than fat!)

Inches: 1 inch (now 33 inches)! I’ve now lost 2 inches total from my waistline! This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever measured inches. I’m happy!

Diastasis: It seems like it’s down to about a 1.5-2?

Biggest Challenge: Burn Bootcamp’s time remains a challenge. I only got to go once last week, but I did Fit2B at home (you can still get Fit2B for 50% off using code 3for15bucks!) I learned this week that I actually can work out while my kid are awake, altough I normally don’t do it when my 2 year old is awake. I’m finding my 4 1/2 year old will join me, and my baby is content in her exersauser while Mommy exercises for a few minutes!

Week 5 Mini Challenge: Go to bed before midnight! Some of you may have this mastered, but I don’t! What does this have to do with exercise? If we go to bed earlier, we are more likely to get up earlier to exercise! And even if we don’t exercise in the morning, if we go to bed earlier we are more likely to have the energy to exercise at some point during the day!

How did you fit in fitness this past week? Have you met any of your fitness goals?

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    I am intrigued by it as well! I was wondering, do you have any posts about your homeopathic treatments & use of essential oils? I have pcos too and was curious!

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