How to Make Foaming Hand Soap {Peppermint-Scented for Christmas!}

Homemade Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap- Non-toxic, Green and Perfect for Christmas!- The Humbled Homemaker

Have you always wondered how to make foaming hand soap? It’s so easy-peasy that you’ll never buy foaming hand soap again!

Several years ago my family ditched antibacterial hand soaps, and we’ve been making our own foaming hand soap ever since!

It’s easy, frugal, and it makes a great Christmas gift! Adding in some peppermint essential oil makes it oh-so-seasonal as well!

Without further ado, check out my…

Homemade Peppermint Foaming Hand Soap


  • 1/4 parts peppermint scented castille soap (or plain)
  • 3/4 parts distilled water
  • 2-3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • a foaming soap dispenser


Mix soap and water. Drop in and mix in oils. Pour into a foaming soap dispenser. That’s IT!

I found this great tutorial for making a cute foaming hand soap dispenser out of a canning jar. With my hubby’s help (I’m not crafty, remember?), we’ve made one for our bathrooms and kitchen, and we have made them as Christmas gifts in the past.

We purchased the canning jars and plastic canning lids at Wal-Mart, and we also purchased some colorful (red or green for Christmas!) smooth stones to go in the bottom of the jars.

We purchased the foaming dispenser tops, here.

Have you ever made homemade foaming hand soap? 

Want some more homemade Christmas gift ideas? Visit the MadeOn Hard Lotion Store, which has recipe eBooks and supplies to make your own natural DIY skin care products! (You can also buy them pre-made!)

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post, which basically means if you purchase through my links, I will get a few dollars to use to buy some Christmas gifts for the girls. :) Thanks for supporting HH! 



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  1. Victoria says

    Does peppermint have any anti-germ lol properties? I have made peppermint foaming soap like yours but w/o the oil. I have thought of adding tea tree to it especially during the winter season. What do you think?

  2. Danielle says

    I would also like to know what size of pump u used for the mason jar. I have already bought the rest of the supplies for this…and have looked at the websited for the dispenser…and don’t want to buy the wrong size!

  3. Cheri Dowling says

    I’m so glad you posted the link on how to turn a mason jar into a soap dispenser with the homemade foam pump!!

  4. says

    Here is it what my husband said about the pumps and/or bottles if you want to use a plastic bottle instead of the mason jar.

    On this website, it was the 210 ml pump only or the 250 ml pump/bottle set. The 550 ml would work for bigger bottles or jars. We have a couple of those in our bathrooms. This site tends to have better prices.

    From this site, I used the 8.5 oz table top foam bottle because I liked the shape of the bottle better, but they are a little more expensive.
    Erin recently posted..How to Make Foaming Hand Soap {Peppermint-Scented for Christmas!}My Profile

  5. Jenn says

    Are the glass stones just for visual effect, or is it somehow helpful to have them in foaming soap dispensers? (i.e, do you occasionally need to mix up the castille soap/water mixture, and these help in some way?) Both your photo and the linked tutorial photo had them, so I just wanted to check!

  6. Sally says

    I do this all of the time. I like to use Dr. Bronners Lavender (liquid) Castille soap (I only add water, same ratio). It smells heavenly!! I like to buy the soap in bulk, or should a say 4, when it (rarely) goes on sale for buy one get one. I’ve had one bottle open for almost 2 years and haven’t run out yet!

    For the foaming soap pump: if making your own is too much, just buy a pretty name-brand soap from your grocery store, use it, wash it out, and put your new product into it. Simple and done. Costs just a few bucks. I like “Method” brand because it pumps the smoothest. Just make sure you pick something with a wide base, and don’t worry about spending the extra dollar to get the one you like! You’ll be using it forever.

    Thanks for the post!

  7. Sara says

    Can you use any kind of essential oil? Do you use peppermint just for the smell, or is there something special about it which lends itself well to hand soap? Any other oils (I saw tea tree oil… how much?).

  8. Angela says

    Can you use the plastic mason jar covers instead of the metal ones? I didn’t see an answer to this but that doesn’t mean its not there :)

  9. April says

    I made the ‘Foaming Hand Soap’ recipe – followed the recipe exactly and used 5 drops of Karooch Orange EO. About 2 days of using the soap, my hands started to extremely dry out. (this isn’t uncommon for me during the winter months) Now after about 1 and a half weeks of use, in between my fingers and knuckles are raw. When I use the soap, it really stings/burns my cracked skin.
    Is this normal for this soap? Would it be the brand of EO I’m using? My water? We do have hard water.


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