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What I'm Reading  The Humbled Homemaker

I took the month of May to regroup a little after a whirlwind year and the spring’s huge homemaking bundle. The irony of organizing the bundles is that I have to usually put a lot of my personal reading time aside during all of the preparations.

Even though I made a reading plan before 2014 began, I’m finding that I’ve been veering away from it more than I imagined with new books I’ve picked up over the course of the year.  And I’m OK with that. 

There are several books that I devoured in May–as in, I could not put them down! There are a few others that didn’t keep my interest as much that I haven’t even finished yet.

For some, reading may seem like drudgery, but, to me, reading is a very real part of self-care. Even though I’m an extrovert, my Myers-Briggs personality type, the ENFP, is considered the most introverted of all extroverts. Basically, there are times I just need to withdraw from the people who normally energize me and recharge with some alone time.

I spent half of my life thinking I was actually an introvert because of this need for some space once in a while. Now I realize it’s all just a part of how God made me.

My preferred “introverted” time is spent reading. Oh how I love my books!

I read the following books during the month of May:

The Nazi Officer’s Wife by Edith Hahn Beer

This memoir read like a novel. It kept me up into the wee hours of the night; I simply could not put it down!

The Holocaust/World War II has always been one of my favorite time periods to study. As a child, I often thought: “How could people not have known what was going on? Why didn’t more people step in and do something? Masses of people were being murdered right under their noses!”

And with this book? Reading about the atrocities of then really woke me up to the horrors that are happening in the now–right under our noses as well.

The Measure of Success: Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work and the Home by Carolyn McCulley and Nora Shank

When I saw someone recommend this on Mandi’s Facebook wall, it sounded like a book I needed to read! As a stay-at-home mom who could barely afford it turned work-at-home mom, I have often struggled with the guilt over the fact that I do run two home businesses now to help our family financially.

The Measure of Success looks at the history of women and work and Christian women and work in particular. And it’s probably not what you think. I encourage any woman who is interested in using her passions to bring in an income to read this book.

This book really helped give me peace that using my giftings and passions to make money is not something I need to struggle with. My work is completely sanctioned and encouraged by my husband, and when I look back over the course of my entire life, it’s so clear that this is the path God planned for me (although it’s not the way I imagined things turning out!).

Balanced: Finding Center as a Work-at-Home Mom by Tricia Goyer

This was another really great one. Tricia’s work-at-home story especially interests me because she is a writer. But she is also a full-time homemaker, wife and homeschooling mom of six!

This was another great, affirming read for me–especially as I embark on writing my first traditionally-published book.

One thing I especially love about Tricia’s story is how she has made her children a part of her work. They know that their mama is reaching others with her words. I want my girls to know the same!


The Family-First Creative by Jennifer Fulwiler

This is another book that I simply could not put down! Jennifer recently published her first book–Something Other Than God. In a genius marketing move, Jennifer gave away copies of The Family-First Creative to anyone who pre-ordered her book!

To be honest, I was more interested in this book because it gives her very best tips for how she is able to work from home while keeping her family a priority. Like Tricia, Jennifer is a wife and homeschooling mom of six kids!

I couldn’t not share about this great read, but, sadly, it is not available anywhere for purchase right now. :( I wrote Jennifer and asked if she would put it on sale, though. It’s a truly excellent, encouraging book.

Faith Leaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Passion, Purpose and Profits by Alyssa Avant

This was another great read for work-at-home moms. I got this one in this year’s homemaking bundle. I especially loved Alyssa’s emphasis on knowing God’s call on your life!

Entangled: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing Your Emotional Affair and Restoring Your Marriage by Amy J. Bennett

I got this book in the 2013 bundle sale. It has been a while since I had read any marriage books, so I decided to give it a try while hubby and I were on a little getaway together last weekend.

I think early in my marriage I would have been too prideful to have ever thought that could ever be prone to something like an emotional affair. And Amy was the same way. I’ve learned that that pride is exactly what gets people in trouble!

Whether or not you’ve ever struggled in your marriage, I think this book would be a great read to help guard your marriage.

Books I picked up but put down for now…

It’s funny looking back over this list. I’ve done exactly what I said I didn’t want to do this year–I get stuck on one theme! But you know? I think that’s OK right now. I think I needed to read about what I did during the month of May. All of the books that I put down are more health related. I do want to focus more on the health and fitness side of self-care this summer, so I hope I can finish them. 😉

42 Days to Fit 

Trim Healthy Mama

Done with Menstrual Cramps

Lose Your Mummy Tummy

Your Retreat A Guide to Giving Yourself a Personal Planning Day thehumbledhomemaker.com

Speaking of self-care…

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What have you been reading lately?

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    This looks like a great reading list. It’s often difficult to find time to read, but it is one of my favorite hobbies. I, too, have often asked those same questions about the Holocaust, so The Nazi Officer’s Wife looks intriguing. The Measure of Success also looks like a good read. Thanks for the list!
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