It's a new season of motherhood

It’s A New Season of Motherhood

And then they were grown.  I'm pretty sure I will wake up and say that one morning. It will happen before I know it. My firstborn started kindergarten on Monday, and today my baby turns 2. Two!  Those years in the trenches of babyhood and toddlerhood to boot? I knew they were fleeting, and now... Before I could even catch hold of my breath between pregnancy after pregnancy after pregnancy and birthing and breastfeeding and diaper changes and potty training and first foods and first words and a million sleepless nights... They were gone. Oh I know my girls are still … [keep reading...]

The best way to fuel up your kids for a busy schoolday

The Best Way to Fuel Up Your Kids for a Busy School Day

By Sarah Mueller, Contributing Writer I'm so excited to be joining you at the Humbled Homemaker today. When Erin asked for posts on back-to-school, I knew right away what I wanted to share with you: it's my #1 tip to help kids through a busy school day. If you want your kids to have a great school day, make sure they fuel up with a protein-rich breakfast. Why is protein so important for a great school day? Protein gives kids energy for a busy day. A breakfast high in protein gives kids steady fuel for the whole morning. Kids have more energy, more focus and won't get antsy or sleepy … [keep reading...]

What is a University Model School?

What is a University Model School? {And Why We Chose This Type of Homeschooling + FREE First Day of School Chalkboard Printables!}

I'm a firm believer in the uniqueness of each family and that we are all not called to the exact same thing. (What a boring world that would be if we were! ) This post is not a knock at public schooling, Christian schooling or traditional homeschooling. It's simply my sharing of our family's choice of the university-model school. I am by no means an expert as we have just begun, but I hope this piques your interest for this schooling model! Make sure you scroll to the end of this post for your FREE gift!!  When I mention that our daughter is attending a university-model school, I always get … [keep reading...]

Simple Mayo-Less Tuna -

Simple Mayo-less Tuna Salad

By Sarah, Contributing Writer A miracle happened in my household today. After lunch my seafood-hating, red meat-loving husband got up and helped himself to a second serving of tuna. The … [keep reading...]

Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.

Weekend Reads {August 16, 2014}

My weekend reads posts give a more personal look into my brain, as here I've curated the posts I loved the most from the week before. They also give a greater glimpse into my home and family life. To … [keep reading...]

LOVE this quote!

Weekend Reads-August 9, 2014

I didn't fit in quite as much reading this past week, as our family was on a trip near Washington, D.C.! We had a great time fellowshipping with friends of mine from college. They took us to the … [keep reading...]