Carter's Fall Fashion Trends and coupon The Humbled Homemaker

Carter’s Fall Fashion Trends + a 40% off Coupon! {and $50 gift card giveaway!}

Fashionable, stylish and trendy are words that I would never use to describe myself. So I say that God had quite the sense of humor when he chose to give me not one but three little girls--one of whom is tom-boyish but girly, one of whom is--already at 3 1/2--a fashion queen, and the other, well, she's not even two yet, but she is already trying to dress herself. I really do see myself as a "girl mom," but when it comes to dressing my girls cutely (and even styling their hair!), I need all the help I can get. I recently had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the new Carter's … [keep reading...]

The Fine Line Between Apathy and Acceptance {for the Postpartum Body} The Humbled Homemaker

The Fine Line Between Apathy and Acceptance {for the Postpartum Body}

My life forever changed 6 years ago, when I birthed my first sweet baby girl. My body did as well. With it, came the constant barrage of mixed messages our culture aims at women with postpartum bodies:   Embrace your tiger stripes! But don’t let yourself go!  You now have more to love! But don’t eat too many sweets—they’ll just add more to those love handles.  And so, the past 6 years, I've teeter tottered between two extremes--that fine line between apathy and acceptance.  I said I accepted my new body as it was, but, really, I was just apathetic. Except for a short … [keep reading...]

Herbal Travel Kit -

How to Make an Herbal Travel Kit

Guest post by Jasmine of The Christian Herbal We were at a family reunion when my daughter was stung by a wasp. I searched the well-manicured lawn for any sign of plantain, hoping to ease her pain. I ran inside the rented ranch house, hoping to find some baking soda or maybe a spice rack. Nothing. We made do with some cool water, but this experience made me realize that I needed to be better prepared. An herbal travel kit allows me to treat my family naturally even when we are away from home. How to Make an Herbal Travel Kit First Aid Bag The first thing you need to consider in making … [keep reading...]

The heavens declare the glory of God The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads {July 19, 2014}

My husband and I celebrated our 9-year anniversary this past week!--albeit via FaceTime on our phones. He is currently chaperoning a 10-day student trip to Costa Rica...and I cannot wait for him to … [keep reading...]

Simple Baked Cabbage The Humbled Homemaker

Simple Baked Cabbage

Want to hop right to your chance to win a LG refrigerator? Click here! I don't know about your family, but the kitchen tends to be the center of our home. Life's good in the kitchen. It's … [keep reading...]

our wedding day with roses

He Restores

I had no earthly idea what I was getting myself into. And, really, I think few of us do. I had met him two years before at a party for ESL students in Costa Rica. I had flown in a few days … [keep reading...]


Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf

Guest post by Margaret Anne of Natural Chow Around this time of year, my garden is beginning to yield large amounts of vegetables, herbs, and berries. While our summer squash, tomatoes, and … [keep reading...]

Starting a Food Co-Op -

How to Start a Co-Op

Guest post by Jennifer of Growing Up Triplets I love a good deal, same as the next girl. Let's face it - we women often get a sense of accomplishment from saving money, right? Well, did you know … [keep reading...]

How to Choose a Dairy-Free Milk  The Humbled Homemaker

How to Choose a Dairy-Free Milk

My family has been mostly dairy-free for over three years now. It started when our first daughter was diagnosed with a dairy sensitivity right before she turned three. Our second daughter experienced … [keep reading...]

Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads {July 5, 2014}

This week was full of good changes in my life, the start of forming some new habits that I hope will last for a long time! I began exercising again. I have found it really difficult to stick to the … [keep reading...]