3 Things I Leave Out on My Kitchen Counter and 3 Things I Don't

3 Things I Leave Out on My Kitchen Counters (And 3 Things I Don’t)

Guest post by Katie of Embracing a Simpler Life Over the past several years I've discovered the beauty and functionality of uncluttered counters. I find it quite liberating. Seeing clean counter tops lifts a visual, mental and even emotional burden for me. A few advantages of uncluttered counters: They are easier to clean. Simply wipe and go! There is so much glorious work space. Cooking dinner, baking, and even the putting away of groceries gain fluidity. The few things allowed "out" are carefully pre­determined, soI have a distinct goal when cleaning up, and I know when I'm … [keep reading...]

Why I'm OK with my Daughters Playing Princess  The Humbled Homemaker

3 Reasons Why I’m OK with My Daughters Playing Princess

As the mom of three little girls, we have our fair share of princess play in our house! I didn't quite know what to do with the whole princess phase when my firstborn started showing interest in it. I wanted to be intentional with her play. Should I allow it? After some thought and talks with my husband, we decided it would be a resounding yes. My girls absolutely love dressing up like princesses, playing with their princess dolls, reading princess books and watching princess movies. There are lots of life lessons we can use princesses to illustrate to our children, but there are three big … [keep reading...]

Stress-Free Real Food - TheHumbledHomemaker.com

3 Secrets to Stress-Free Real Food

I'm so excited to have Trina guest posting for us today! Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post for a coupon code for Trina's brand-new book, Your Real Food Journey! Guest post by Trina Holden I’m done being stressed about food—aren’t you? I’d like to get to a point where food is nourishment for body and soul, and yet not another thing that stresses me out. I've made a lot of progress on this journey--I'm eating better than I ever have. But some days that knowledge doesn't help. No matter how much progress I can track I still get stressed some days. Some weeks I run out of time. … [keep reading...]

Favorite Fall Accessory - TheHumbledHomemaker.com

My Favorite Fall Accessory

Yesterday was the first day of fall...my favorite season! I love when vibrant colors begin to seep into the trees, and each day is marked with a new crispness around the edges. It makes me want to … [keep reading...]

Homeschoolings best kept secret

Homeschooling’s Biggest Secret

By Danielle Tate, Contributing Writer When my best friend came for a visit we discussed the idea of us traveling to their house for visit in the coming months. I said, “Well, school will be … [keep reading...]

Quick Capes for Kids - TheHumbledHomemaker.com

Quick & Easy Capes for Kids

By Sara Shay, Contributing Writer I call these kids' capes "low-sew" because they are seriously simple, with just ONE seam and you are done! I made about 30 of them the morning of my children's … [keep reading...]

Making Income from Home

How I Make an Income from Home

In the spirit of transparency, I'm laying it all out. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time. One of my highest values for this site is being real. And so...here is my story of being a … [keep reading...]