Help for the Non-Crafty Mom

Help for the Non-Crafty Mom

Want to try Green Kid Crafts for yourself? Get $5 off any subscription with code HUMBLED! Click here for details!  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I am not crafty.  I wasn't even crafty as a kid. But my girls--especially my 6-year-old firstborn--are. So what's a non-crafty mom like me to do with her craft enthused girls? Green Kid Crafts to the rescue! When Green Kid first contacted me, I hesitated to agree to try their craft boxes because, well, you know. Crafts just aren't me. But The craft box they sent me was a life-saver.  My girls … [keep reading...]

Cinnamon-Coconut Coffee The Humbled Homemaker

Cinnamon-Coconut Coffee {How to Make Unsweetened Coffee Palatable}

What I thought would be the biggest challenge to completing the Whole 30 turned out to be not much of a challenge at all: drinking unsweetened coffee. In case you haven't been following along with my self-care posts this months, during the month of July I committed to eliminating all grains, legumes, dairy, and sweeteners. Not even natural sweeteners--like honey, maple syrup or stevia--are allowed on the Whole 30! At first, I thought there was no way I would be able to drink unsweetened coffee. So I tried to give up coffee all together. In a huge lapse of judgement (and I guess … [keep reading...]

Win a Blendtec!

Share Your #MyNewNormal Story & Enter to Win a Blendtec!

Some of you know that in spring 2013, my husband and I joined Stephanie and Ryan Langford of Keeper of the Home to form Ultimate-Bundles. Ultimate-Bundles aims to bring readers the best eBook bundle sales possible for one low price. The results are that many readers can access a ton of eBooks they would have never been able to afford otherwise! So far, we've held brand new bundles each spring and fall--with spring's theme being homemaking and the fall theme being healthy living. We are currently gearing up for the fall Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, and we are celebrating with a new … [keep reading...]

Healthy Habits for Moms  The Humbled Homemaker

5 Healthy Habits for Moms

I've spent this summer focusing on an area of wellness that many moms are notorious for neglecting--self-care. For some reason, we fall into the trap of thinking that taking care of ourselves is … [keep reading...]

But what if I fall But what if you fly The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads {July 26, 2014}

It's been a good week catching up with my husband after he spent 11 days in Costa Rica! He took the above pic of the butterfly there (although we have plenty of butterflies here in North Carolina … [keep reading...]

Herbal Travel Kit -

How to Make an Herbal Travel Kit

Guest post by Jasmine of The Christian Herbal We were at a family reunion when my daughter was stung by a wasp. I searched the well-manicured lawn for any sign of plantain, hoping to ease her pain. … [keep reading...]

The heavens declare the glory of God The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads {July 19, 2014}

My husband and I celebrated our 9-year anniversary this past week!--albeit via FaceTime on our phones. He is currently chaperoning a 10-day student trip to Costa Rica...and I cannot wait for him to … [keep reading...]

Simple Baked Cabbage The Humbled Homemaker

Simple Baked Cabbage

Want to hop right to your chance to win a LG refrigerator? Click here! I don't know about your family, but the kitchen tends to be the center of our home. Life's good in the kitchen. It's … [keep reading...]

our wedding day with roses

He Restores

I had no earthly idea what I was getting myself into. And, really, I think few of us do. I had met him two years before at a party for ESL students in Costa Rica. I had flown in a few days … [keep reading...]


Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Loaf

Guest post by Margaret Anne of Natural Chow Around this time of year, my garden is beginning to yield large amounts of vegetables, herbs, and berries. While our summer squash, tomatoes, and … [keep reading...]