Inexpensive entertainment options for families

6 Inexpensive Entertainment Options for Families

By Danielle, Contributing Writer We need inexpensive entertainment options! Americans are busier than ever these days. No matter if you're working the average 8.7 hours a day, homeschooling, managing the home, running errands or attending extracurricular activities, families need quality time. The challenge is not only in balancing work and fun, but also balancing the budget. It can be easy to over spend for the sake of "quality time." In fact, the average American spends $2,504 on entertainment according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overpriced tickets, high admission rates … [keep reading...]

Homemade elderberry syrup is a safe, effective natural remedy for colds and flu--or just to boost your immune system during the winter months!

Homemade Elderberry Syrup for Cold and Flu

Want to build up your immune system? Here's a simple and effective elderberry syrup recipe for cold and flu! Guest post by Erin Josefchak Winter is half over but cold and flu season is most definitely not over (yet)! If your family hasn’t gotten hit with the flu this year, you are blessed! If you have, then you know horrible it is, especially for our little ones (and big ones!)! Homemade remedies are better than store bought Our family has been using this simple elderberry syrup recipe for ages now. We hardly get sick anymore. True story. When we do get sick, it lasts two to … [keep reading...]

What I'm Into February

What I’m Into {February 2015}

I'm excited to share "What I'm Into" with you again! You can read January's "What I'm Into" post here. These posts give a more personal look into my life. You can follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my weekly newsletter to see what I'm up to all month long!  After a crazy, tiring January, I made it my goal to get more rest during the month of February.  Can I just tell you that it's been wonderful? I have always been an on-to-go person, but, over the years, that has led to so much unnecessary stress to my life. Taking time to simply rest, say "no," and be OK with not checking off … [keep reading...]

Blogging (8)

Earn Money Blogging

When I started this blog four years ago, I would have never dreamed that it would one day completely change my family's life. Not only has this site given me the opportunity to live out my passions of … [keep reading...]

Natural Skincare for Men

Natural Skincare for Men

Note from Erin: I'm welcoming my husband, Will, as a writer again today! I would have fallen over in shock if someone had told me a few years ago that he would be writing a post on natural skincare … [keep reading...]

I love these ideas for having a date night at home with your spouse! These would be great for Valentine's Day, or any time of year! It' so important to connect with your spouse, and these are some good ways to have date night--even on a budget!

How to Have a Date Night at Home

Guest post by Kylie of Everblossom When I first got married, I never imagined how much work it would be to spend quality time with my husband. After all, we'd be living together, right? We'll see … [keep reading...]

Are you tired of being tired? You might have adrenal fatigue!

My Journey to Adrenal Fatigue

I've always been driven. Even as a child, I worked to achieve the top grades in school and be a leader in my church youth group. I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and proudly … [keep reading...]

Weekend Reads with The Humbled Homemaker

Weekend Reads {February 7, 2015}

If you want to keep up with the reads that give me pause all week long, follow my Reads and Recipes board on Pinterest. If you want to follow along with my personal life, you can follow me on … [keep reading...]