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Favoring an Eclectic Approach to Homeschooling

By Hilary Bernstein, Contributing Writer As a graduate of public schools, I never considered homeschooling … until I had children. But when my firstborn was about a year old I read Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson and began to think about homeschooling. By the time our son was ready to start preschool, my husband and I had at least half a dozen reasons why we wanted to homeschool – even when my husband began teaching in a public school. This August I started my third year homeschooling our two children. While I haven’t struggled with the why of homeschooling, sometimes it’s hard … [keep reading...]

One more day for this wonderful resource!

EXPIRED: An Apology…and An Offer

    Hi Friends, Yesterday was officially our final day of The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, but I owe you an apology: Our Ultimate-Bundles website was so flooded with traffic that it went down yesterday morning--off and on for about three hours.  Customer service is very important to us, and we received many emails from readers who were eagerly expecting to be able to purchase their bundles on the final day of the sale but were unable to do so because of our site outage. For this reason, our team has decided to open up the sale for a few final hours.  The … [keep reading...]

Making Income from Home

How I Make an Income from Home

In the spirit of transparency, I'm laying it all out. I've been wanting to write this post for a long time. One of my highest values for this site is being real. And so...here is my story of being a stay-at-home mom who could barely afford it, two years later.  It's been nearly two years since I wrote the post about how I was a stay-at-home mom who could barely afford it. That post has now been visited nearly 900,000 times, and I have been blown away by how its message has resonated with so many moms who are walking the same path that my family walked.  I've thought about--and have had … [keep reading...]

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Helping Busy Moms Get Fit

I am excited to introduce you to Devan Kline, founder and co-owner (along with his wife!) of Burn Bootcamp and MamaBurst. I started attending my local Burn Bootcamp this summer, and I love it! Devan … [keep reading...]

Making Boring Lunches Fun

Making Boring Lunches Fun

A picture of lunchtime in the life of a busy homeschool mom: By Beth Cranford, Contributing Writer The morning has gone by way too quickly and your kids are wondering what’s for lunch. All you … [keep reading...]