Real Food Pregnancy Cheats/Short-Cuts {A Natural Phenomenon}

When reading blogs, it’s sometimes easy to think the blogger “has it all together.” It can make you feel defeated, unworthy and just downright depressed. 

Let me assure you that I am the exact opposite of a wife and mom “who has it all together.” And although I write about natural living and healthy eating, there are times I just give in and “cheat” a little–to keep sane. 

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Pregnancy is one of those times. Now, wait a minute, you may be thinking. Isn’t pregnancy when you should strive for your best health?

Why yes, it is. BUT, take into consideration: 

  • morning sickness (which I had this time until about 17 weeks),
  • extreme fatigue,
  • balancing life with the demands of other children (mine are 3 and 1),
  • or whatever your unique circumstances may dictate.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves a little grace

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While we can still eat healthy overall, here are some ways in which I’ve “cheated” this pregnancy, for the sake of sanity:

  • I traded in my dry beans for canned ones. I know–BPA. BUT, I’d rather eat canned beans than no beans at all. They are chock full of protein and fiber!
  • I didn’t soak legumes that can be quickly cooked without soaking–like lentils (which are super healthy for pregnant mamas!).
  • I used up ALL my homemade chicken broth in the freezer and then stopped making any. WHY? Because it made me sick. At 22 weeks, I can now cook most anything else, but cooking a whole chicken and making broth still makes me sick to my stomach. So, for the first time in forever, I bought broth, choosing a brand with no MSG.
  • I loosened up and ordered to-go. Now, even before I ate “real” food, I wasn’t a huge fast food fan. I’ve never “craved” McDonald’s (but no judgement if you do! I’m just strange like that!), but I do love me some Chick-fil-A! I usually opt for a fruit cup and a chicken salad sandwich. I also ate at Panera Bread, which is considered a healthier choice among mainstream restaurants. But, yes, I also ate plenty of unhealthy stuff–like a few Reeses milkshakes–as well. 
  • I traded in my cloth diapers for sposies. And, actually, since my family has been sick, Toddler Girl is sporting the sposies again right now until this stomach bug is FOR SURE gone for good! 

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In a few weeks, I’m going to be reviewing Modern Alternative Mama’s Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods eBook. It’s chock full of resources on the best pregnancy diet. 

I don’t advocate for eating poorly while pregnant. Just because you’re “eating for two” doesn’t give you an excuse to indulge. 

But do I expect every pregnant mama to adhere to the strictest of real food “rules”? Absolutely not. I really don’t think it’s possible–or healthy. The stress alone wouldn’t be good for my baby. 😉 

Bottom line? Give yourselves grace, mamas–and do the best you can. 

What are some of your real food pregnancy cheats or short-cuts?

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