Detox Your Laundry Room with Wool Dryer Balls {review & GIVEAWAY from Mighty Nest!}

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In my journey toward making a more natural home, over two years ago I ditched using dryer sheets and started using wool dryer balls instead.

You see, regular dryer sheets contain chemicals and potential toxins. Sure, they may make your clothes smell pretty, but I can accomplish that with essential oils.

Wool dryer balls are 100% natural. They speed up drying time, soften clothes naturally and leave no toxic residue on your clothes, linens or cloth diapers.

(Speaking of cloth diapers, you canNOT use dryer sheets while drying diapers! You will ruin them!)

When Mighty Nest offered to let me review their dryer balls from the Willow Store, I jumped at the chance. You see, the dryer balls I had been using were…OK…but they were not anywhere near the quality of the wool dryer balls from Mighty Nest.

As you can see in the picture below, the Willow Store dryer balls are bigger, and, to me, the quality of the wool just feels stronger.

Willow Store’s wool dryer balls (ball on left) are made from natural wool that has been hand felted. The no-name ball on the right looks like it may be knitted wool covering another fabric.

Besides helping to detox your laundry room, I personally believe that using wool dryer balls can help save you money. I have not had to buy dryer sheets in well over two years, and I will probably never buy them again. And using wool dryer balls can help cut the drying time almost in half for some loads of laundry!

To use, simply toss 2-3 balls in your wet dryer and start. There is no need to ever remove the balls from your dryer.

Want to WIN a set of 3 wool dryer balls, compliments of Mighty Nest?

*This post and giveaway were generously sponsored by Mighty Nest.

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  1. Gina says

    When I do use my dryer, it would be great to have these wool balls. My mom uses tennis balls, but they are really noisy!!!!

    • Tammie says

      I am also curious to know about static. I need something that will eliminate static and it seems that the wool wouldn’t do that, but I have no experience with them so really have no idea.

      • says

        We haven’t used anything in the dryer for several years, and in the last couple years I noticed our static problem had decreased greatly. I could not figure it out for the longest time, but I think maybe I’ve found the reason…. We have switched to cotton as much as possible (cotton clothing, underwear, blankets, etc.) I think the synthetic fabrics must generate more static? I don’t know why, but we just don’t have much trouble any more, except for a few sweaters of polyester, acrylic, etc. I don’t know if that will help anybody, but I thought I’d share my weird observation. :)
        Christa Upton recently posted..Please Bear with MeMy Profile

    • says

      I do still have some static but very little. I had to do laundry to answer your question-Ha! To be honest, it’s so little that I don’t really notice it. I did pull out on fleece shirt tonight that had static on it, but that was the only shirt in the entire LARGE load of toddler clothes. I used 6ish balls in the dryer tonight, but you really only need 2-3. I honestly can’t remember how much static cling I had while I was still using dryer sheets, but I went through a period where I used nothing in the dryer (before I heard of the balls), and I did have problems with static then. I would say you will still have some but not much…at least that’s been my experience, and I’ve been using the balls for about 2 1/2 years now.
      Erin recently posted..Detox Your Laundry Room with Wool Dryer Balls {review & GIVEAWAY from Mighty Nest!}My Profile

    • says

      As others have mentioned, it IS the synthetic fibers that create static in the dryer. You can eliminate the static by removing any clothing made from synthetic fibers BEFORE the articles are completely dry. They don’t need to be damp, just not completely dry. Static forms after the fabric is dry and then begins rubbing against itself, creating the charged particles. The presence of any amount of moisture prevents this process from happening.

  2. Deb says

    I have never heard of this before. If it cuts down the dryer time, it would save me a lot of electricity! I want to try these!!

  3. Stacey Hubbard says

    Wool dryer balls sound wonderful. With a family of 4 all having skin sensitivity issues, these sound great. I have not heard of them before, and have tried tennis balls, but would LOVE to try the wool balls in my dryer.

  4. Theresa Hoff says

    Since we raise sheep, I am a big advocate for sheep/wool products. With 7 children I just don’t have the time to take on another project, especially working with wool. This would be cool to add to my laundry room and use! I have kids with skin disorders, so right now I don’t use anything in the dryer, this would be awesome :)

  5. says

    I want to thank you for sharing a non-toxic approach to the dryer! I have extremely severe Toxic Injury (also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), and dryer sheets actually give me nausea and heart symptoms. Other people’s use of dryer sheets affects me in these ways: in public (the chemicals coming off their clothes can affect me from 15 or more feet away–I know, hard to believe), with workers such as a plumber coming into our home, in rental homes we might move to, and in second-hand clothes we might buy. There are thousands of people like me, (actually probably way more than that). So, the fewer people in the world that use dryer sheets, the better. (I hope your post goes viral! :)) Also, the chemicals in dryer sheets really are bad. When people switch, they might be helping their own families not get Toxic Injury somewhere down the line.
    Christa Upton recently posted..Please Bear with MeMy Profile

    • Deb says

      Amen on the toxins in dryer sheets. Folks think they need to use them but that’s a bunch of balony. Hang ’em outdoors. I have never used dryer sheets and all my kids have managed to survive despite it. LOL No laughing matter, sounds horrible what you go through. if you were around me there’s be no perfume, etc. or dryer sheet chemicals. Nature is best.

      • says

        Thank you; it is pretty horrible what I go through. But, I like to take every opportunity to laugh, and “managed to survive despite not using dryer sheets” IS funny. :) People do seem to be attached to their fragrances. “They say” (and I have no idea if it is true or not) that chemicals/perfumes in stuff can be addicting….
        Christa Upton recently posted..Please Bear with MeMy Profile

  6. Deb says

    Would love to win the dryer balls for when I use it. Use the greenhouse in inclimate weather a lot or reg. clothesline outside or drying rack by the woodstove.

  7. samantha says

    I would love to try dryer balls!!! I’m quitting my job at the end of the month to go back to homemaking and these sound amazing!

  8. says

    These look fabulous! I have never tried dryer balls yet, but they are just what I’ve been looking for! I stopped using bounce sheets and my family is complaining! I don’t want to give in and buy more……now that I know more about them, they just seem gross! Thanks so much for sharing, and perhaps I’ll win the free ones to give them a go!

  9. Gina Salem Gunter says

    I would so love to win these 3 balls of wool dryers! I’ve never heard of them before today. Currently I am not using anything in the dryer, ever since I read how harmful the average commercial dryer sheets are for our health and the environment (approximately 8 months ago). So , I’m really excited to learn about how wool can help the environment and even cut down on drying time.

  10. Karyn says

    Could you tell me where you bought the original dryer balls that you didn’t care for…you can do it privately. I like the looks of the stoney mountain ones but don’t want to buy poorly…thanks

    • says

      I still liked the original ones & actually still use them along with these–but they are just MUCH smaller. I got them from

  11. Angelica says

    Hello, A quick question…How long do the wool drier balls last? How many uses I may get from the balls- let’s say 3??

    Thank you,


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