A Non-Toxic Alternative to Nail Polish for Mommies & Little Girls

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A few weeks back, Marisa, a Jamberry Nails consultant, contacted me about trying the company’s line of stick-on, non-toxic nails.

In case you didn’t know, I’m not very “froo froo.” I’m not tom boyish at all, but I just don’t get my nails done that often. Besides not wanting to take the time to paint them, I often think: What are all the chemicals in these nail polishes doing to my body?

And that’s one reason that, even though I have three little girls, I have rarely painted their nails (maybe just once–and only for my oldest!).

So when Marisa told me that Jamberry offers a little girls’ line, AND they are non-toxic, I thought it was definitely worth trying!

My little girls LOVED Jamberry Nails! I got the watermelon pattern for them. I will say that my 2 year old could not sit still long enough to get an entire set on, but my almost-5 year old was happy with both her manicure and pedicure.

It made for a fun, non-toxic mommy-daughter activity one afternoon.

Jamberry Nails are:

  • Relatively easy to apply*. You simply apply with a heat source (hair dryer or personal heater), which activates an adhesive on the back of the shields.  Heat and pressure create a water tight seal to the nail  (detailed application/removal instructions and a video can be found here: http://marisaanderson.jamberrynails.net/about/apply/) (I would personally only use them on little girls age 5 and up–unless your daughter likes to sit still for a long time!)
  • Easy to remove, heat gently with a hair dryer or soak in warm soapy water and remove
  • Long-lasting – lasts 4-6 weeks on toes and up to 2 weeks on fingers (although my little girl–much to my chagrin!–pulled them off THAT night! Again, I would make sure your daughter is mature enough to keep them on!)
  • Affordable – each sheet comes with 18 strips, that will last at least 3 full manicures/pedicures, the juniors have 42 strips so they last even longer. (This is a major bonus if your daughter is like mine and likes to pull them off!)
  • Covered in a high-gloss protective coating so no chiping, fading, peeling or top coat needed
  • No harsh chemicals that damage the nail bed like regular nail polish
  • Non toxic, formaldehyde free, gluten free, latex free, never tested on animals
  • Come in over 250 designs
Cost:  Each set is $15, so that means it costs $5 or less per full set of manicure or pedicure


Buy 3 Sheets, Get 1 Free!
Simply add 4 sheets to your cart, then click the check out button. During checkout select “The Humbled Homemaker Event” from the “Is this order associated with a party” drop down menu. You will automatically get the fourth shield sheet for free.
This will make each mani/pedi only $3.75!

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Top Image by Jamberry Nails

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  1. Monika M says

    I went to the website and checked it out…very cool! And if I still lived in the city I would do it but painted nails just aren’t farm friendly :) But I did recommend this to my friends on facebook.

  2. Amanda says

    I will definitely be checking out the nail polish.
    On another note I have signed up on the bottom of my screen to get the Spring into Smoothies e-book. But I have no idea how to get it. Will I be getting a download link or something? Thanks so much!!

    • Will says

      When you receive the next post, there will be a link at the bottom of the email that should allow you to download the book.

  3. Lisa says

    Just an FYI- Jamberry nails are not nontoxic. They are made of PVC which is highly toxic even more so when heated. So when you apply them with the heat or wash dishes or take a bath even more dioxin will be released and absorbed through the nail bed. Great idea, but not so healthy.

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