How to Take a Detox Bath

This post is underwritten by Redmond Trading Company. All opinions are 100% mine! Post Holiday Detox! So Easy! How to Take a Detox Bath!

For years, I spent the afternoon and day after Thanksgiving and Christmas feeling, well, horrible!

Such a heavy meal would leave me wanting to do nothing but nap.

It seemed to get even worse when we started visiting family after our family went largely gluten-free due to our oldest daughter’s food allergies. (At the time we didn’t realize the rest of us are sensitive to it as well!)

But a couple years ago my husband and I discovered detox baths! These help to flush all the post-holiday toxins (or toxins any time of the year!) out of our bodies!

Detox baths are probably one of the easiest ways to detox.

There are several different methods of how to take a detox bath, but my favorite and perhaps the simplest is the salt/clay detox bath.

How to Take a Detox Bath


1 part bath salts  (draws out toxins AND remineralizes the body!)

1 part bentonite clay

essential oils

Draw a bath of HOT water. The hotter the water, the more detoxing benefits of the bath! (If the water is too hot by the time you get in, add some colder water to cool things down a bit.)

Pour 1/2 to 1 cup of bath salts into the hot running water.

Dissolve 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the bentonite clay in the water as well. It may help to dissolve the clay in a cup of warm water first if it seems to clump up. (Do NOT use a metal spoon to mix the clay! Use wooden or plastic.)

Add in any desired essential oils. Lavender is great for relaxing or to relieve tension. Peppermint is good if you have a headache. Eucalyptus is a great one to clear congestion. These are three of our favorites!

Relax in the bath for 20-30 minutes! That’s it! For more information on salt detox baths, see information here and on clay detox baths, see information here.

Be aware that the salt is truly natural. It will leave a clay-colored sediment in your bath tub–which is quickly and easily washed down the drain. You may have to wipe the clay off the tub with a towel.

My preferred brand of bath salts and bentonite clay are both from Redmond Trading Company. I’ve been using these–along with several of their other products (I use Earthpaste and Real Salt daily!) for well over a year now.

You can purchase both the bath salts and the bentonite clay on the Redmond Trading Company website. Or, you can purchase it from Use this link to get $10 off your first order at Vitacost!

How to Take a Detox Bath |

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Is this detox bath safe while breastfeeding?

The ONLY kind of detox I do while breastfeeding is a detox bath. However, I don’t take detox baths early on in my nursing and do not use the clay in the bath until the baby is well over a year (and not nursing much). Others may do so, but I am just cautious.

I personally feel OK with taking detox baths once nursing is fully established and the baby isn’t nursing quite as frequently–because the toxins are released through the pores in your skin–not through your breast milk.

Never detox while pregnant. I will take warm sitz baths postpartum with just a little bath salt.

However, I am NOT a healthcare professional, and, as with everything you read on blogs, be sure to consult YOUR trusted healthcare provider before making any decisions regarding your health!

My favorite detox bath products:

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Are you tired of bath salts that are full of chemicals and additives?

Redmond Bath Salt is a completely natural mineral sea salt that comes from a sea bed dating back thousands of years.  Both Redmond Bath Salts contain more than 60 natural trace minerals which are great for the body and skin including potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and more.  The difference is that Redmond Bath Salt Plus has a higher concentration of minerals and natural clay than our Redmond Bath Salt.  While both are very effective in detoxifying and remineralizing the body, Redmond Bath Salt Plus is preferred by some because of the higher concentration of minerals which are natural present in the salt.


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I also love this variety pack, which includes a 10 oz. jar of Redmond Clay, a tube of Redmond Clay Facial Mud, a 10 oz. Real Salt shaker and a 4 oz. Real Salt Organic Seasoning shaker.

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I personally use and LOVE the Facial Mud, Real Salt and Redmond Clay!

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional. This blog is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Please consult your own trusted healthcare provider before making decisions about your health. 
This post is underwritten by Redmond Trading Company. All opinions are 100% mine!

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  1. says

    I tried the detox bath this week. Is there any sort of recommended after care? I had a lot of itching on my feet like I had with cholestasis of pregnancy which at that time is related to bile acids and the liver trying to process them.

  2. grammie says

    This sounds comfortingly delicious. I just have to share here and not keep it a ‘secret.’ I learned, very indirectly, by trying to suppress estrogen after breast cancer to keep it from returning (11 yrs now), the way for me to detox from the inside, too. I had to submit to a whole new ‘ideology,’ that of adding the highest soluble fiber there is to my daily diet. Legumes or psyllium husk. 3X or more/day. Made with any seasonings, even my favorite, bacon … the HIGH volume of s. fiber binds with our bile and fats and fatty toxins and takes them totally from the body rather than some or much of them recirculating due to a lower-soluble fiber diet that most of us has. So, I’d love to attack those toxins from the inside AND outside. P.S. NO illnesses (arthritis tho, pain much decreased by NO sugar or excess carbs) and have lost 65 pounds in 3 years. For the lady with itching, does a quality, non-perfumed moisturizer help?

  3. says

    I have a silly question. All the bentonite clay recipes state not to use a metal spoon or bowl to mix the clay because it deactivates the clay. So, what happens when the clay goes in the tub and hits the metal ring? Is it rendered useless?

  4. Rose says

    Hi, I don’t know if you still check this but could you PLEASE tell me why to not detox while pregnant? I’ve been taking baths using epsom salt since the beginning since it makes the aches go away and helped tons with morning sickness. I don’t use clay or other salts.


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