Educating Your Preschooler at Home with EmbarK¹² Comprehensive

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As many of you know, we didn’t start kindergarten with our 5-year-old.

Over halfway through the school year, we have no regrets, and we feel like she will be much more prepared when she starts a part-time homeschool kindergarten program next fall, soon after she turns 6!

I’ve been using a variety of resources to get our daughter ready for kindergarten. For academics, here lately, I’ve been using EmbarK12 Comprehensive- Online and hands-on preschool program for your early learner. It’s a family of preschool programs that includes EmbarK¹² Comprehensive and EmbarK¹² Online to prepare children for kindergarten.

When the EmbarK12 Comprehensive- Online box came in the mail, it felt as if I had received a preschool classroom in a box!

The EmbarK¹² Comprehensive program has 1,200 age-appropriate activities, engaging children using a wide variety of interactive multimedia and hands-on materials – over 288 hours of activities in all.

It can be a primary preschool program or supplemental to your current one.

Some of the highlights include:
• 450+ online activities
• 750+ hands-on activities plus required materials
• 18 thematic units with six subjects: language arts, math, science, social studies, art, and music. Examples of themes include: Family and Friends, My Five Senses, and Looking at Animals.
• Winner of five distinguished awards and used in national childcare center

The comprehensive program they sent me even includes 19 books of classic children’s literature, 18 unique manipulatives and learning tools; plus K¹² materials including 18 online activity guides and supporting resources!

Our girls have especially enjoyed learning with the counting bears, shapes and magnetic letters and numbers. I have also benefited from using the flashcards with the girls.

We absolutely love the classic books that came as part of the curriculum! Some of the titles include Harold and the Purple Crayon; Llama Llama Misses Mama; Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Runaway Bunny.

It has also been a blessing to have both hands-on tangible materials to use with the girls as well as the online program. As much as I’d love to keep them away from the computer at such a young age, I know that they live in a world and in a generation where learning computer skills is vital.

Some moms can do well with putting together a curriculum on their own. I am not one of those moms. I need someone to lay it all out for me! That is what I appreciate the most about EmbarK¹².

Want to learn more about the program? Check out the informational video below:

Check out all the Kindergarten readiness programs by K12. Try a sample activity today.This program costs $286/year for a 12-month subscription and all of the upgrade kits including hands-on materials.

Purchase at:…


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Do you educate your preschooler at home? What preschool currculum do you use?

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  1. Maria says

    We will face the same decision of sending our son to school just before he turns 5 or waiting till he is almost 6. Right now we are leaning toward waiting. I would love to see if this program could accelerate his progress.

  2. Dulci says

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been struggling with what to do with my son next year, as he is still quite immature for his age. If by next year he is ready, great. If not, looks like I will be holding off until he is six. Thank you for the post.

  3. Amanda says

    We have a little one with a late July birthday and we decided we will not be sending him to school next year. This would be excellent to have!

  4. Megan Jackson says

    This looks really neat! Some of our favorite books and I’d love to be more intentional with teaching my preschooler and then my 2 year old. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gertrude Ezell says

    I am always looking for new curriculum and ways to challenge my 3 boys – which all have different learning methods and I think this might really help make my life a bit easier. Thank you!

  6. Ashley Y. says

    I think this would be awesome for my kids when they are older! I will be book marking this an adding it to my future homeschooling!

  7. Christy says

    I’ve been finding activities on my own for my preschooler. I’d love to have something that’s already put together for me!

  8. Darci says

    This looks great! The schools are expecting more and more out of our kids at a younger age! This curriculum looks like it would be a great start to their education!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  9. Heather Z says

    I think this would be great for my son. We are a military family and will be moving in Oct. He will of just turned 5 that summer so he will be an “early” 5 year old boy. I was unsure weather to start him in kindergarten all together, but something like this program would be great. I would not have to worry about putting him in a school and then moving and placing him in another one.

  10. Jenny K says

    I think my almost 3 year old would love this. I love that it’s all put together for you. I tried putting my 1st daughter’s preschool curriculum together myself, but I feel like I missed a lot of things and had a hard time staying consistent.

  11. Darcy says

    I am just starting to officially teach my 6 1/2 yr old. She has expressive speech difficulties and is now showing an interest in reading without fighting when we correct speech. She has a younger brother who learns along with her but has picked up reading better. I think this would be great for either one of them!

  12. Ashley Osborne says

    My son is so smart and would LOVE this! It would also help me with more structured activities instead of throwing together some play dough, etc!

  13. Kirby says

    I have 3 at home! We don’t currently use a curriculum but I am looking to try one, this set looks amazing! I would love the chance to win! Thank you!!

  14. Bambi Bittner says

    We’re keeping our son home this year as well. I’m so not the type of person that can just come up with school ideas I really do need it spelled out.

  15. Chris O says

    I would love to try this with my son. He’s 9, has autism, is about 4 academically and is homeschooled. I am always looking for ideas on how to teach him.

  16. Kasey says

    I would LOVE to do this with my almost 4 year old. He is learning so fast and I want to give him as much of a head start as I can at home before he enters kindergarten.

  17. Michelle Taylor says

    I have used k12 with my older children and I love it. I have 3 children who will be doing preschool in their next few years. I think it would be a great start to their education and so much fun.

  18. Kami says

    My daughter is still a bit young for this, but I’m definitely bookmarking the page! I’ve been waffling over homeschooling, but having a program like this just might help me make the decision! Thanks for sharing, and thanks on behalf of all the other parents here for the chance to win!

  19. Beth Burwell says

    This looks amazing and would really help prepare my little guy for kindergarten. I too need someone to lay it all out for me.

  20. Charlotte Benfield says

    I have a 4 year old that I want to teach at home, but can’t seem to get it all organized…..this looks like it would be organized for me!

  21. Hannah says

    I would love to to win this!! My children are learning to count and learning their letters so this would be WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for this giveaway

  22. Elizabeth says

    My oldest is ready and eager to learn, but with a baby and a deployed husband I need the ease of having things planned for me.

  23. Aleisha says

    I would love to go through this with my little one! He loves learning and at these ages they are like little sponges absorbing everything!

  24. Karen S. says

    We are about to be awarded custody of three little girls that we took in from an abusive home. I believe this would prepare them for school while giving them time to heal and adjust to a normal home. Our middle “daughter” just turned 4 and the youngest will be 3 on Friday…. I want to provide them EVERY opportunity to reach their highest potential despite their beginnings.

  25. Christy says

    We already plan to homeschool, but with 4 kids under 5 years old, I could use some already-planned material! My 2- and 3-year-olds would love this next year.

  26. Erin H says

    I love the idea of trying out homeschooling before my toddler is old enough for Kindergarten. This seems like a great way to get my feet wet with tested and approved (by REAL moms!) curriculum.

  27. EmilyHolyoak says

    My daughter would excel with this program because it would be learning at her pace while at home. Thanks for the opportunity at this giveaway.

  28. Danielle F says

    This would be perfect for my little one since her mother is not *ahem* the most organized. I love the use of multiple teaching methods!

  29. Tara S. says

    This looks like an interesting program. We homeschool and have one that is 4. This would be great for her to start in the fall.

  30. Khristin Z says

    My son is 2.5 and he loves reading, but I struggle with coming up with other structured learning activities for him. I would love to have a program to help me know what to do. I think my son would thrive with the structure.

  31. Charisse DeLima says

    My 5 year old son would so benefit from this. I have been looking into different programs to home-school him. Thanks for the info and the giveaway. (really hope I get it)

  32. Taylor Julian says

    My daughter would DEFINITELY benefit from this. We have a new baby in the house so some of her attention has been diverted and she is bored a lot. Now that we are getting into the swing of things with her 7 week old brother, I really feel like she has grown from this transition and sshe needs more stimulation. Thank you for the opportunity!

  33. Kirsten says

    I would love to start this with my son! He is already so eager to learn at not quite 2 years. We’ve started letters and numbers and he’s catching on so quickly. He would love this!

  34. Laura says

    This is unrelated to the draw, I just can’t find any other way to contact you on the site. I think you should be aware of the ad on the sidebar of your blog — a woman in a skimpy bikini (not even covering her privates properly) with a pair of scissors and arrows pointing at the straps holding her top and bottoms on. I’m sure you didn’t choose this ad, but it’s there nonetheless and so horribly inappropriate. Feel free to delete this comment after you see it — I wish I could send it privately! hopefully you are somehow able to remove the ad and/or the ad company.

    • says

      Oh goodness! Thank you for telling me! I don’t have control over what ads pop up, but if someone tells me,I can notify the companies and ask them to block them! Thanks again!!

  35. Emily Davis says

    I am so excited K12 is unrolling this. I have a 3 1/2 year old, a 2 year old and a 5-month old and would like to try it out to see if I want all three kiddos to eventually go through the program!

  36. Becky M says

    I definitely need a curriculum that is put together for me. I also don’t have all of the really neat manipulatives that I think my little one would do well with.

  37. Laura says

    My grandson just turned 2 and is learning new words every day. Very smart just like his momma. I think a program like this would get him & his little sister off on the right foot.

  38. Sarah W says

    I would love to use this with both of my girls. My oldest is very task oriented but we are having trouble finding things that engage her to retain the information we are working on.

  39. Casaundra Lewis says

    This program seems wonderful. Need to get on the ball, so my kids will stsy busy as nd use thst brain of theirs

  40. E Stokes says

    I’m so glad to learn there are so many options available. This looks like a really great package set. My 5, 3 and 1 year olds would love this!

  41. Mary T says

    I am a Special Educator for preschool and kindergarten, but am not so thrilled with the private preschool programs available to my grandson. This program looks so inviting and excites me for the learning of our youngest chilldren in their own homes, where they still belong. Thanks for the opportunity!

      • Mary T says

        Thank you Erin! And I was also thinking how great it would be to learn from this and help my students as well! Thanks always for all the sharing of God’s great love that you do in every post! Our children are God’s plan for the future!


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