A Comparison of Birth Settings: Home, Hospital and Birthing Center Births

Today starts a new series, “A Natural Phenomenon: Having a Natural Birth in an Unnatural World.” Like all of my posts, this series is meant to educate and encourage and not to discourage or condemn you for your choices when it comes to birthing. I hope we can all learn together through this series!
Photo used with permission by Intentional by Grace

I am thrilled to announce a months-long series that I will be posting on during the remainder of my pregnancy: “A Natural Phenomenon: Having a Natural Birth in an Unnatural World.” 

During the series, we will focus on preparing yourself for a natural birth in a hospital setting (because that’s where I birth!), but we will also have guest posts on birthing center and home births! 

My first labor was anything but natural, but I worked to prepare myself for a natural labor the second time around, and I was so happy to birth with no pain meds! (And really found the labor itself and recovery period much better for me personally.)

Today, I’m posting about different birth settings over at Keeper of the Home. Here’s an excerpt:

With all this talk of birthing babies around here at Keeper of the Home, I asked Stephanie if I could compare three common birth settings: homehospital and birthing center births.*

Whereas a home birth may seem the most natural choice for natural mamas, all three settings have their pros and cons and should be compared, evaluated and prayed through thoroughly before making a decision on where to birth your baby. 

Hop on over to Keeper of the Home to read the rest of this post! 

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  1. […] I deliberated for quite some time on hospital choice early in my pregnancy, but when contractions were coming stronger and closer together, I was so glad the hospital was a short drive from our house! I did OK until a big contraction hit right as we were pulling onto the street where the hospital is. I started screaming for Will to pull over at the gas station. He refused to do so since we were literally seconds away from the hospital. He later asked what I would have done if he had pulled over. “Get out in the parking lot on all 4s!” I said. But, it probably is really better that he didn’t pull over! […]

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