Homemade Allspice Alternative

Allspice is one of those spices that I use so infrequently that it doesn’t really make sense for me to keep it on hand. Instead, I make my own allspice alternative! This homemade “allspice” works in recipes just as well as the real thing. It’s easy to mix up in a matter of minutes!


  • nutmeg
  • cinnamon
  • cloves


Mix up equal parts of these three spices, and–voila!–you have an easy-peasy allspice alternative!

Have you ever made your own spice substitutes at home? Check out my full herb and spice substitution chart (with a FREE printable!) here!

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  1. Savannah says

    This mix would be great in pies or chai, anywhere else it calls for pumpkin pie spice! Great combo.
    You probably already know this… BUT, allspice isn’t a blend of spices, it is one spice, and a wonderful one to keep around. The flavor is unmatchable. Plus it’s great for improving blood flow, especially blood flow to the pelvic region-boosts fertility!

    • says

      Thanks for the info on allspice. I knew it was a single spice, but I had no idea how many wonderful benefits were in it! Hmmmm….I may have to buy it after all…and only use my alternative in a real pinch. :)

  2. Vicki says

    I buy the organic powder by the lb and put it in my health drink everyday…not for its good taste, but for all its wonderful health benefits. I also add lots of cinnamon.

    • Rebekah says

      Just be careful with too much cinnamon. Make sure it is true cinnamon and not cassia cinnamon if you are consuming large amount regularly. Cassia cinnamon, which makes up most cinnamon because it is more affordable that true cinnamon, contains coumarin which is actually toxic. True cinnamon has it too, but in much smaller doses. Truthfully I don’t use true cinnamon because I don’t do the shopping, but just keep this in mind if you start using cinnamon on a regular basis and in large amounts.

  3. Monna says

    Why don’t you buy whole allspice berries and grate them? The taste is different from your combination and still would be healthy.

    • Megan Book says

      My husband is as well, we use allspice instead of cinnamon and it has helped a lot! But the ratio is 1/4 part allspice instead of 1 part cinnamon. So if it calls for 1 tsp cinnamon you are supposed to only use 1/4 tsp allspice. Hope this helps :)


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