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  1. Zhade Metts

    I love this post! My husband is for sure not a dumb dad. He helps around the house, with the kids and works his tail off to be a great provider.
    However, maybe it’s just the area we grew up in but the dumb dad is very prevalent in our hometown. A LOT of my husbands family members have never changed a diaper, have no idea how to cook and honestly have hardly ever been alone with their own child without another woman present.
    And I wonder WHY in the world people think this SHOULD be normal behavior? Is it because this is how we portray dads culturally mixed with how they learned to do things from their own dads?
    While I have no idea what the answer is I am proud that my husband is breaking the cycle and sharing in the responsibilities of this life we live TOGETHER.

  2. Alicia

    I completely 100% agree with everything about this post! My pastor actually spoke on this topic a few years ago for Fathers Day. And as a mom raising 4 boys, this attitude is especially important and troubling. I want my boys to not only grow up to be respectful, godly contributing men of society, but also to be respected for all that I hope they will someday accomplish. Thank you so much for writing about this topic!

  3. Bethany

    Thank you so much for speaking to this topic. It troubles me, as well. I believe the attack on fathers we see in society stems from Satan’s attack on the family. As you noted, when fathers aren’t involved all sorts of issues arise in the children and family. But if Satan can teach children to disrespect and look down upon their fathers using subtle social pressures, he can still diminish their influence in their lives even when they are doing the best they can. Likewise the feminizing of strong male traits in our society, like virtue, faith, etc. attacks the role of fathers and men and tries to shift it to women. The attack on men and fathers is subtle but pervasive, in both society and particularly in media.

    Also thank you for the tips on helping to support my husband in his role as father. In reading the list I realize there are some areas I definitely need to work on, and it’s a timely reminder and admonition for me. Thank you for helping me see his side a little better through your perspective. I deeply appreciate your thoughtful post.

  4. Tara

    This stereotype has bothered me too, especially in television. Men, in general, are never portrayed as hardworking or focused on their families. Thank you so much for this post. It brought this issue back to my attention, as things like this become so easy to ignore since we see them constantly in our culture.

  5. Unappreciated Mom

    I’ve seen a lot of focus on the “dumb dad” stereotype in Christian circles, and I agree that it’s harmful. But the accompanying stereotype of the long-suffering mom who is constantly picking up the pieces is just as pernicious and humiliating.

    The sitcom mother is expected to be totally competent despite being exhausted and exasperated. She attends to everyone else’s needs while neglecting her own. Despite all her efforts, she’s taken completely for granted and is similarly disrespected.

    Would you consider writing a piece about negative stereotypes of mothers in culture? The “long-suffering mom” stereotype is just as harmful as the “dumb dad” stereotype, and yet I never hear about it from the same people who condemn the latter. You can’t abolish one without abolishing the other.

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