Move Over, Whole Foods! {Save Money & Buy Healthy Food at Aldi}

Why shop the pricey Whole Foods when the discount supermarket, ALDI, has a great selection of natural and organic products, for a fraction of the price! Save money and shop at ALDI!

Today is our final day of talking about saving money on groceries (although, no doubt, we’ll revisit this topic again!). If you missed any of the posts last week, be sure to read Save Money on Real Food with Your Grocery Budget Toolbox, How to Save Money on Groceries without Clipping Coupons, 6 Alternatives to the Grocery Store, and Save BIG on Natural Care Products at

Have I ever mentioned that Aldi is one of my favorite stores? Yes, that’s right–not Whole Foods, not Earthfare, not even Trader Joe’s–but Aldi!

I started shopping at Aldi my first year married (7 1/2 years ago). Back then, the contents of my grocery cart included the likes of boxed macaroni and cheese, low-fat yogurt and canned cream of chicken soup.

And I simply loved how much money Aldi saved me as opposed to shopping at other mainstream grocery chains.

Now, when our family switched to eating real, whole foods, I realized that I could no longer do ALL our shopping at Aldi because the natural and organic selection there is limited (but growing!). Instead, my current routine is to shop at Aldi first, use my debit card to get cash back there for whatever amount is left in our grocery fund for the month, then go to BJ’s or any other stores I frequent to buy our food for the rest of the month.

Although you cannot use any coupons at Aldi, I’ve found that the items are much, much lower than at other stores anyway. You really just don’t need coupons.

I cannot vouch for Aldis nation or worldwide, but the one in my town is very clean and offers good-quality produce (most of the time–as always, check for bruises and mold before you leave the store!).

Aldi also recently released a limited-time natural and organic selection! The employees at my store said this is for testing purposes to see whether or not people will buy it. SO, go buy it! 😉

So what do I buy at Aldi?

Check out my list of real, whole foods I get there–along with a few cheats ;):

My Aldi Grocery List:

  • Raw Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Dried Fruit/Raisins
  • Real Maple Syrup (although it’s Grade’s pure!)
  • Pepper
  • Rolled Oats
  • Steel-Cut Oats
  • Raw Walnuts or Pecans
  • Nirtrate/Nitrite-Free Chicken Sausage
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Domestically-Grown Grapes
  • Avocados (sometimes for as little as $.49 each!)
  • Bananas
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli
  • Mangoes
  • Oranges
  • Pomegranates
  • Pineapples
  • Canned Salmon with bones (although I am sure the cans have BPA–compromise here)
  • Hummus
  • Jarred Salsa
  • Olive Oil
  • Coffee
  • Almond Milk
  • Dried Pinto Beans
  • Frozen Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
  • Frozen Tilapia
  • Frozen Shrimp
  • Frozen Broccoli
  • Frozen Peas
  • Frozen Green Beans
  • Frozen Asparagus (cooks up like fresh!)
  • Frozen Stir-Fry Veggies (I toss the sauce packet that comes in the bag and use my own seasonings…This is our “convenience” meal!)
  • White Sugar (we ONLY use this for hubby’s sweet tea!)
  • Plain Rice Cakes (compromise because they aren’t organic…a favorite snack for the girls)
  • Veggie Chips (another compromise but a good treat for the girls)
  • Cracked Pepper Potato Chips (“treat” for hubby)
  • Tortilla Chips made with organic blue corn
  • Paper Towels
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sandwich/Freezer Bags
  • Aluminum Foil

Other Reasonable Food to Find at Aldi

While I don’t regularly get these items at Aldi, these are items that, although not organic, are acceptable when making the switch from processed to more whole foods:

  • Honey (it’s not raw, so better to bake with it)
  • Baking and cooking staples, like spices, sea salt, baking soda, baking powder, etc.
  • Hormone-Free Milk (from cows not treated with rbst hormone)
  • Conventional Eggs (better than no eggs at all!)
  • Hormone-Free Cheese
  • White Vinegar (We purchase it in bulk at BJ’s…this is a small bottle.)
  • Canned Beans
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Canned Pumpkin
  • Natural Applesauce (no high fructose corn syrup…check the labels…they carry two kinds!)
  • Natural Peanut Butter

Special Buys

Aldi always has some kind of special buy going on! I was told at my store that the buys are to see if there is a demand for new items. Currently, Aldi is testing out an organic line, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Among other things, this line includes:

  • Organic raw milk cheese
  • Organic yogurt
  • Organic canned tomatoes
  • Organic pasta sauce (although it does contain soy)
  • Organic apple juice
  • Organic chicken broth
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil
  • and more!

Update: On July 10, 2013, Aldi is also offering organic, grassfed beef!

Have you ever shopped at Aldi? What do you get at Aldi?

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  1. Saph@FrugalWifeBlog says

    They must not be testing in my area cause I didn’t see anything organic in their ad. :( I used to shop there all the time. I will again if they start carrying organics!

    • says

      That stinks it’s so far away! That’s how far our Trader Joe’s is….otherwise, I am sure TJ’s would be vying for the #1 slot as my favorite store!

        • Marshall says

          The Aldi family does own Trader Joes and several other food chains around the world. so you have it backwards TJ is owned by the ALDI family.

          Internationally, Aldi Nord operates in Denmark, France, the Benelux countries, the Iberian peninsula, and Poland, while Aldi Süd operates in the Ireland, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, and Slovenia (Aldi Süd operates as Hofer within the latter two countries mentioned). Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd also operate in the United States; Aldi Nord is owner of the Trader Joe’s chain while Aldi Süd operates as Aldi.

          The Aldi chain is made up of two separate groups, Aldi Nord (North – operating as Aldi Markt), with its headquarters in Essen,and Aldi Süd (South – operating as Aldi Süd), with its headquarters in Mülheim an der Ruhr, The individual groups were originally owned and managed by brothers Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht; Karl Albrecht retains ownership of Aldi Süd.

          • anita macisaac says

            nowhere does it say here that aldi originated from Germany owned by brother ‘s who latter split up aldi was first all over Germany then they expanded….I do love ALDI

        • Kathy says

          Aldi is a German owned store and carries quality products. Aldi is huge in Europe and more stores are opening in the US. They have carried organic and gluten-free products at my store in Chattanooga for over a year. Might I also mention that the stress level is very low when shopping at Aldi. So much great food, but not tons of choices. I can do my family’s shopping for a week in 20-30 minutes, including check out time!

  2. says

    Aldi was the grocery store closest to my apartment in Germany, so I shopped there all the time (though for more processed foods, at the time; I was especially fond of their extensive collection of Haribo gummies and €1.00 bottles of wine, ha). I had never heard of them, since there weren’t any in the state where I grew up.

    Apparently there are a couple in a suburb of my city. I went to one once and it was a major flashback to when I lived in Europe (though alas, without the wine)! They’re not close so I figure most of the savings over the Walmart Neighborhood Market a block away are negated in fuel costs, especially when the Walmart has a reasonable organic selection. But your list is tempting me to make another trip to check out Aldi! A number of the items on your list I buy from a local grocery chain or Whole Foods, and I bet Aldi is cheaper.

    If nothing else I can get some German chocolates (bad, I know…), di the trip wouldn’t be wasted. :-)

    • Mallory says

      Depending on the laws in your state, your Aldi might carry wine! I used to get it for $4 a bottle or so.

      I hope hope hope that enough people bought the organic stuff at my store to make them keep it around. I was over the moon when I saw the raw milk cheese and organic chicken broth! Now if only we could get full-fat yogurt instead of that fat-free stuff…

      • Katie says

        It’s against the law to sell wine in grocery stores in Oklahoma, which is why we also don’t have Trader Joe’s, Costco, or BJ’s. You can only sell special low-alcohol beer in grocery stores, and liquor stores are not allowed to sell anything /other/ than high-proof beer, wine, and liquor–no ice, gift bags, corkscrews, nothing. And they’re not allowed to sell refrigerated beer, either, and the hours are terrible. Basically, Oklahoma is a miserable place if you like to drink.

        But Erin, since you first posted this, I’ve started shopping at Aldi, and even though they don’t carry anything organic at all, it’s amazing how much money I can save on the stuff I do buy! And avocados go on sale for a quarter apiece at least once a month. Twenty-five cents! It takes a lot of sorting to find the ones that aren’t rotten and moldy already, but still. ^_^

        • Tracy says

          The gluten free line did not sell very well, so my local Aldi (St. Louis, MO) said they are not continuing the line. I tried a couple of the GF items, and some of them were really gross. I did love the GF tortillas, though!

    • libby miller says

      My Aldi’s in Pa is selling Gluten free at the moment and we are hoping it is a GO here!!
      if they have it near you try it out.. the pizza crust mix is awesome!

      • Karen O'Sullivan says

        Recently tried the living g free items in N.C. and my husband realiy enjoyed several of the items including their version of the hot pocket – hope they bring it permanently

  3. Jennifer says

    I shopped Aldis a couple of times when my kids were little but didn’t care for it. I was convinced after reading your latest posts to give it another shot since they are carrying organics. Well, I will be making it a regular stop! I took my oldest daughter (who is gettting married this month) to try it out and she is putting it on her regular route as well. So who’s to say you can’t teach an “old mom” new tricks :) lol!

    • says

      I am SO glad to hear your recent experience has been positive! And how cool that your daughter is going as well! Congrats to her–and you!

    • says

      Hannah, this is the BEST part–you don’t have to! You can actually EAT salmon bones! I am not sure you can with any other creature, but salmon bones are very, very soft and full of calcium! I love that the canned salmon has bones because I haven’t been able to find canned salmon anywhere else locally that contains the bones. My 4 year old absolutely LOVES the bones and always requests them! They have a slight “crunch” to them!

  4. kait says

    Out of habit I have been shopping at a regular Grocery store around the corner and didn’t realize how much more I had been spending there, it’s crazy. After reading your blog, I started to shop again at Aldi’s and truly, the money saved is worth the extra mile or two. I think the quality has gotten better over the past few years, especially with the produce section.

    • says

      I’m so glad to hear your Aldi has gotten better! I LOVE to help people learn how to save money on groceries! I had a dream one time that our Aldi shut down and I was so sad! LOL!

  5. says

    Wow, really? I used to shop at Aldi all the time, but something changed and my Aldi stopped being clean, the prices went up, and everytime I bought meat and produce there, it went bad within a few days. And our Aldi only takes cash, which really prevents my debit-loving self from shopping there.

    Maybe I’ll check out my Aldi again this weekend, though. I really hope they’ve changed for the better because I wouldn’t mind shopping there again. It beats my icky Walmart! :)
    Taylor recently posted..NewMy Profile

    • says

      I hope yours has gotten better, Taylor! Funny story: When I first started shopping at Aldi, it was when we were living in MS and before they took debit cards. I had to leave a cart FULL of groceries one time before I forgot they only took cash! :( I was SO glad when the one where I shop started taking debit cards! It make it really nice to shop there first and fill in the gaps elsewhere with the money I get with cash back! Oh–and I hate Walmart, too. :( I usually get my hubby to go! LOL!

  6. says

    Aldi’s where I used to live was sort of disgusting. I have found moths INSIDE bags of rolls and hamburger buns, and when I point it out to the store manager, they just hid the bag in the back room instead of going through everything to make sure it was moth-free…

    They have decent prices, sure, but I wouldn’t think of them as a place to go to get healthy foods. Maybe if they carried organic foods then my feelings would change. But I have a hard time buying their “fresh” produce and rolls.

    • says

      Rebecca, I think every Aldi is different. I wouldn’t discount it altogether. I personally don’t buy the bread there, but our produce and the other items on must list are really good. Check what some of the other ladies above said–some had had a bad experience with Aldi in the past but love it now!
      Erin recently posted..Using a WonderMill to Make Gluten-Free FloursMy Profile

  7. says

    This store sounds wonderful! I did a search on their website, but sadly no Aldi in my area! I pretty much stick to Azure Standard and TJs and a local health market in Southern CA called Mother’s Market because as you said Whole Foods is quite expensive. Love all these money-saving tips you’re sharing, sweet friend! Thank you!
    Kelly @ The Nourishing Home recently posted..Real Food Kids in the Kitchen with Wardeh of GNOWFGLINS!My Profile

  8. Tam says

    We have an aldi’s in the little burb over–not close enough to do every day but not bad for a weekly/monthly thing and i do go at least once a month. I discovered a few years back that their produce comes from the same sources as the produce co-op I belonged to (our driver accidentally spilled the beans). I don’t buy their sugar often because I’m not sure if it’s pure cane sugar and think it’s from modified sugar beets (Walgreens’ Nice brand is though and it goes on sale sometimes). I need to go again next week, so will look for the organic stuff and hope they are testing it at my store! :)

  9. says

    I don’t believe my local ALDI store is stocking many (if any) of the whole foods you talked about, but I love ALDI anyways! It really is the best place to find great deals on fruits & veggies, canned items, and miscellaneous kitchen supplies, etc. But now that I know ALDI is considering carrying some whole foods, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope that my store joins in on the fun very soon!

  10. Donna Marie says

    I shop the same way …. Mostly at Aldi or Price Rite and go to the co-op for organic and specialty foods. We save a ton on groceries and eat healthier than ever. Great of you to publicize it!

  11. Monika Daugherty says

    What a perfect day for you to post this, because our Aldi here in Martinsburg, WV is having its grand opening today! :) I have been so excited that we are getting one (just about counting down the days), and now I am just as excited about this list you put together. What a great resource! I shared it with my friends on fb.

  12. says

    We don’t have Aldis on this side of the land, but we have Fresh and Easy, and they have a pretty good organic line as well – for good prices :) Hope it sticks around for you!

    What do you use steel cuts oats for? I usually get cracked oats, but had steel cut or the first time today. Not quite sure of my opinion yet.
    Sara Shay recently posted..Raising our GiftsMy Profile

  13. says

    Love your post — had to read it vecause I love Aldi’s. Yes we have a nice selection here in MO and I’m really trying to go organic but it’s pricey for a family of four. I just did a blog post on Whole Foods Food Market (check it out). Will be checking out more of your post.

  14. says

    I do a ton of shopping at Aldi. I try to buy mainly local foods, but it’s hard to always run from farm to farm, so I end up at Aldi a lot. Better to have store-bought food than no food at all! It’s just the season of life I’m in right now, and I need to feed my family the best that I can without starving them. I did a little happy dance last time I was at Aldi and saw the organic stuff. In spite of spending days canning tomatoes over the summer, they’re running out very quickly, and I’m so excited to see an inexpensive organic product available to me!
    MaryEllen@ImperfectHomemaker recently posted..Organizing a Dual-Purpose RoomMy Profile

  15. lyss says

    No Aldi in my part of the country. It’s kind of funny that all the stores that are praised by either health food and/or budget-conscious blogs aren’t in Texas. But I won’t complain…I live in a big city with lots of stores to choose from! (Just not the ones I read about.)
    Side note…not sure what other sweeteners you normally use. My hubby loves his sweet tea, too, but recently I’ve been sweetening it with part stevia/part raw sugar. I steep the tea with stevia leaves, then add some sugar also. Some say raw sugar isn’t any better than white, but at least it’s not bleached… But I will admit I have white sugar, too, in my pantry right now. Ha! Seems like every time I get rid of my not-so-good ingredients, I get asked to make some specific dessert for a church function. Ah well. : )

  16. Sally West says

    I loved it when Aldi came to the Dallas area last year, followed by Trader Joe’s this year. I do advise checking labels carefully, though, because I have found unexpected items in the deli and dairy have preservatives added, like Salsa Fresco, deli pickles and sour cream.

  17. Amy says

    I love our local Aldi! So thrilled about the new organic line, but I’ve always liked buying dairy there because of their non growth hormone policies. Milk costs so much less there. Also, since my nursing became allergic to dairy, I’ve been thrilled to buy soy and Almond milk there, even coconut milk in the last couple weeks (yum!).so much more inexpensive there, even without coupons.

    Did you know that Aldi is owned by the same family as Trader Joes? I am convinced that some of the products are the same, only with different labels, just as their “Millville” is General Mills.

      • Alanna says

        I heard that from a friend as well. It’s supposed to be the Clancey brand that’s from TJ’s. Didn’t know about the cereal though. Nice!

  18. Monika says

    I was really excited to see that our new Aldi has organic butter (for a great price!), and I have been buying it; however, I did notice that besides organic cream it has “natural flavoring.” I know that this usually means MSG…can MSG be in an organic item??? Would you recommend or not recommend getting this? Just curious…where do you buy your butter? Thanks!!

    • says

      Our Aldi hasn’t gotten any organic butter yet, and our family is 99% dairy free, so I really don’t use butter (I use coconut oil). I don’t think natural flavorings always means MSG, although it’s really up in the air. I would call Aldi headquarters and ask.

  19. says

    I have rrecently just started shopping at aldi’s and I am in LOVE! I can go in there spend 60 bucks and come out like a queen! what I buy for 60 at aldi’s i would probably spend 100-130 at walmart or kroger! I haven’t seen a big selection in the organic foods at my aldi’s yet but maybe in the near future.

  20. Katrina says

    I <3 Aldi! Been shopping there for 8 years and anytime I shop elsewhere I'm always amazed at how much more I spend!

  21. says

    Thanks for sharing this! I do love Aldi but did not know about their organic products, I will have to check that out. I am telling people all the time how I get great stuff at Aldi! I get some funny looks sometimes because I think people assume since it is cheaper it’s not any good. I have had nothing but great experiences with my store.
    Ashley recently posted..Trusting God Even When Your Plans Get ShatteredMy Profile

  22. Jennifer says

    It was handy to come across your blog today…. I getting a list ready to head to Aldi, and I was trying to think of what all I need to get… you just gave me a bit of a headstart. :-)

  23. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this list! The closest Aldi we have is about 40 minutes away so I don’t shop at it much (small-town, mid-west). However, with me making the switch to more raw and whole foods, I may make the trip more often….with your list in hand! It may make the trip worth it afterall! :~)
    Theresa recently posted..Storage Solutions: Canned FoodsMy Profile

  24. Marie says

    I shop as much as possible at Aldi and then head to Kroger for what I can’t get there. I heard that they were doing an organic line, but I haven’t seen a huge selection yet. Hoping they stick with it, as I would LOVE it!

  25. Marcia Rhinehart says

    We love Aldi’s here in Central MO…I was just shopping this afternoon and noticed they were stocking a new section with all new organic items…I went to take a look and I will definitely go back in when I run out of what we have already. I love their fresh fruits and veggies…look for the “Special Buys” since that is when they are the cheapest. Our Aldi’s store is constantly stocking items and I always shop on Monday or Tuesday when the produce is the freshest….produce comes in on Sunday afternoon. Our Aldi’s used to be in a bad part of town and it was very small and cramped…last year they opened a new store in a better part of town closer to us and it is twice as big….I also see them cleaning and sweeping everytime I come in. I am so glad gave Aldi’s another chance…I buy almost everything we need there now.

  26. says

    I just moved to St. Louis so it’s the first time I’ve had an Aldi. I noticed both whole wheat gnocchi and canned pumpkin are $1 at my store! Looking forward to checking out their organics. The Aldi detergent has bleached out a few of my clothing items if it touches them directly before the washer fills… Sorta a bummer.

  27. Holly H. says

    Thank you for sharing your shopping list, I have revised mine to include your suggested items. Fortunately, we have an Aldi about three minutes away from our house. It has taken me a few years, to really appreciate and grow to LUV the Aldi, but I became a loyal shopper once I realized that my location sells hormone free milk and eggs, organic almond milk and organic blue corn chips. My location seems to be increasing its organic items, although they are not testing the items you mentioned, but I am going to call other area locations to see if there are testing those items. I like the simplicity of the store and the selections ( I get very overwhelmed in the other grocery stores when I go down the cereal and bread aisles, too many choices). Now if the Aldi would only carry toothpaste I would be (nearly) set…

    • Marcia Rhinehart says

      Holly…I noticed that our Aldi’s has Crest toothpaste for sale…check with your Aldi’s manager to see if they can order it.

  28. deb c. says

    I will be going there TODAY! Thanks for the info, I found you through Pinterest.
    I used to take my grandma there regularly, she grew up in the depression, so she was extra thrifty. I didn’t actually shop there much, but one day I tried their dried fruit & was hooked. I had certain things I’d stock up on there when I’d take her. However, she passed away 5 years ago. I haven’t shopped there as much since then. But, thanks to your blog, I’ll be adding it to my routine. I appreciate your input & all of your readers’, as well.

  29. Stephanie says

    There are sooo many comments to this page! I have to say I LOVE shopping at Aldi’s. Ever since our family had to learn to eat more frugally I’ve been shpping a Aldi’s and now shop there nearly exclusively. My grocery bill is typically $75-100 a week for a family of four. When it tops a hundred, it’s ususally because I’m getting ‘extras’. I’ll be thrilled once they begin selling unsalted sunflower seeds and a broader variety of yoghurt. Until I find time to make my own (yoghurt, that is) I’ll still have to do a second stop elsewhere.

  30. says

    This is a great post on Aldi and how it is possible to shop for healthy food there. We try to eat primarily organic, on a fairly strict budget, and Aldi helps make this possible. I avoid the butter because of the “natural flavorings,” which could mean MSG is added. Erin (humbledhomemaker) is correct in that each store seems to be different.
    ologsinquito recently posted..Organic Milk at Aldi?My Profile

  31. Karen says

    I do very little shopping at Aldi’s because I only buy organic or non GMO certified. My Aldi’s just has a few dry items that are organic. No dairy, no meat and their produce is horrible. If I don’t use it right away within 3 days it’s bad. I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s. Aldi btw is owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s.

  32. says

    All my friends think I’m crazy for trying to eat healthy and shop for REAL food, simply because they think it’s more expensive to eat healthy than it is to eat junk. I used to eat fast food on a daily basis until I realized how much healthy food you can buy at a decent price and be good on food for an entire week – instead of spending money on fast food and restaurants everyday. Nice list of foods!
    Angel recently posted..Nepalese Shilajit 20% Fulvic Acid | 65 GramsMy Profile

  33. says

    We have a few Aldis in town but we haven’t shopped there much. I’m weighing whether it’s worth it to make the trek – we normally do most of our shopping at Wal-Mart, so this means an extra trip on a different day (since we’d have cold foods at both stores, although with winter approaching it’s not a big deal now) and I’m not sure how much I can get at Aldis. I guess the best thing is to just go check it out! :) Thanks for your post.

    Nicole @ WKH
    Nicole @ CraftyBeards recently posted..Pumpkin & Chocolate Chip MuffinsMy Profile

  34. says

    <3 <3 <3 Grabbed a 3# bag of Sweet Potatoes for .99 cents…YUM! Of course I am still stuck on the Little Salad Bar guacamole and the Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad. Now I eat the Fit and Active Flat bread with flax instead of the regular bread. Their water for 2.29 is great just be aware there is the 16.9 oz and 10 oz and both are the same price. We <3 their cheese and butter, so now we easily live off of grilled cheeses, whole wheat tortilla chips and guacamole for a little bit of nothing! My mom saw me and said AMY you are loosing weight. Woot Woot loosing weight, saving money and eating very well!
    Amy B recently posted..Our ALDI shopping experienceMy Profile

  35. Erica says

    I may have to visit am Aldi, I’ve never been in one.
    Question–it recently came out that Aldi was using horsemeat? Do you trust what you are buying is real–especially honey, etc? Are the products made in the US or are they coming from China, etc?


  36. Julie says

    I buy the organic fruits and veggies our Aldi offers (hoping they expand the organics as we have a huge whole foods, Fresh Market and Trader Joe’s in the area). I did buy frozen fish once (I think it was Salmon, but when I got home and realized it was a product of China I threw it out immediately. I will only buy line caught/wild fish and this wasn’t that.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on the organic offerings.

  37. Joanna Colby says

    I love that Aldi is selling organics but was really disappointed that their organic butter has “natural flavors” added. (WHY?! ) That is the reason I won’t buy it.

  38. Nikki says

    I love getting fresh fruits and veggies from Aldi’s! They also have ground turkey that is not too bad. The wild caught salmon is great and some of the frozen fruits are pretty good also. I have learned that I have to consume the cucumbers immediately for some reason. After my cancer diagnosis I have had to eat better and I am glad they are there to assist with my new beginning.

  39. says

    I tried Aldi when it first opened in my neighborhood a few years ago and they mostly carried lower quality processed foods so I never returned. I will definitely check it out again to see if they have all the great products you listed. Thanks!

  40. Yvonne says

    I buy a lot of my fresh fruit and veggies at Aldis. Then I take them home, clean them up and can them! I’ve been preparing our own pineapple, salsa, apple sauce, apple butter, jams/jellies, chutneys and more to augment what we grow ourselves and purchase in the other grocery stores. Aldis recently had organic baby carrots on sale for $.79 for a 1 # bag! I snapped up a whole bunch to can as is, and for soups and stews! :)

  41. says

    I am also a long time shopper and lover of Aldi. I started shopping there in 2000 just after I had my first child. It has kept our budgets in check while eating food that tastes good. In 2007 we discovered Celiac Disease in the family. I can happily say they carry a good amount of GF foods that keep us going. I’ve been trying to blog about the GF selection to spread the word with others.

  42. says

    Here in Switzerland Aldi has a decent organic selection, though, not nearly as long as your list – here it’s mostly produce and dairy products, plus some nuts, canned tomatoes, crackers, some pasta, some meat and meat products, and sometimes soy milk and prepared foods. It is definitely my first stop when I go grocery shopping, and then whatever I cannot find in Aldi I’ll get in one of the more expensive chains. It’s more time consuming, but it sure makes it much more affordable to eat clean!

  43. Tiffany F says

    I just got their ad for this week and the whole front page is all organic food! I’ll have to go check them out!

  44. Crystal says

    Watch out what organic olive oil you buy. Lots of olive oils have been tested and it’s been found that many of them are really oil blends of olive oil mixed with vegetable or canola oil.

    It’s a small splurge, but California Olive Ranch oils are tested pure, I get it at Meijer (a midwest supermarket) for about $13 for a large bottle. Some stores have the bigger bottles cheaper and you can often find coupons for it.

    • Lisa Smigielski says

      I used to get California Olive Ranch at Meijer too, then I found O-live. I am disgusted about green fluid being passed off as expensive “olive oil”, so I always whip out my phone and google new brands I see. I saw O-Live for something crazy like 8 dollars for the big bottle and remembered seeing them on this list and bought it. I haven’t been to Meijer in a while so I’m not sure what the price is, but it might be worth looking into.

  45. says

    I’ve recently started shopping at Aldi, too and have been so pleasantly surprised. I haven’t tried their rice cakes or frozen asparagus yet; thanks for the tip!

  46. Denise d'Entremont says

    The Aldi’s that I go to had 5 organic produce products & I was all excited. They have a ton of products that are loaded with additives a mile long. I get tired of reading labels. Tilapia is farm raised & doesn’t come wild caught so I don’t eat it. Their peanut butter is a peanut spread. I would love to see them turn around. They did have organic apples which was great since apples have 29 pesticides AFTER they are washed & let’s face it, it gets under the skin.

  47. says

    Thank you for your post. My mom lives by an Aldi. we will be doing some mother daughter shopping next Friday because they have all organic.

  48. Julie says

    Aldi’s is my favorite. I’ve been shopping there for over 8 years. I used to go way out of my way but now have one closer.

  49. says

    Yes, I love shopping at Aldi! I was there today, actually!
    I get pretty much everything at Aldi…
    especially bread, milk, meat, frozen goods, baking goods, cereal, coffee and coffee creamer. Today I filled my cart and only spent $36.oo. Our grocery budget for 2 is $150 for right now, so it works for us. Plan, plan, PLAN! That’s all I can say!

  50. Lindsey says

    They were testing some organic products a few months ago and I thought I read somewhere that ALL Aldi’s were supposed to start carrying a line of organics by December, but my store still only has maybe 4 or 5 items. So sad :(

  51. says

    I started shopping at Aldis after taking Dave RAmseys MOney MAtters class at church. one of the teachers said it was the most inexpensive places to shop. so I went and checked it out. he was right! so I told my entire family about it. my oldest son and his wife shop there and at Earth Fare. my second son has 3 kids and they shopped there and bought fresh meat at SAMS. They are now in ENgland and are shopping at an ALdi and commisary. My daughter and her husband shop at ALDI, once a month at COSTCO and Target due to convenience. everyone’s food budget has gone down. we all stock our pantrys with basics, buy a lot of produce. Have very nice produce in our Aldis. Buy frozen veggies and fruit, wine, choc, condiments, paper products and a lot of nitrate free bacon and lunch meat. Buy organic meat from another source. LOVE ALDI!

  52. Anne Maire says

    I just saw their weekly flyer today. My local aldi…which I had never considered going to before I read this post, Is selling 2lbs organic bananas for $1.49 and a 3lb bag of apples for $3.99. I can’t wait to check it out!

  53. says

    I was a skeptic at first because I prefer organic food when possible. Now I’m a big fan of Aldi’s as it saves me a lot of money. I still shop at a food co-op for certain organics. They have a gluten free baking mix I use for pancakes, biscuits, and pizza crust. The grass fed hamburger was great. As they introduce organics I make a point to purchase those products. Clean store, great staff, and restroom. Two thumbs up from a former skeptic.

      • says

        Hi,I am an Aldi employee in ILL. Nice to hear all the nice comments about Aldi. We do have a lot of interest in our organic line,we keep gettting new things either as a core item or a special buy. This week we got organic arugala and organic baby kale.

  54. Terrie says

    Thanks for the posting..I literally have an Aldi 2 minutes from my house and I am ashamed to say have never been in it. I look at the Circular, weekly, and think I really need to go there and then..Don’t..Tomorrow, I will go there First..I buy a lot of fresh veggies..many I chop and freeze for later use so I do not waste them. And If I can get Fresh and Organic..SCORE! I do most of my cooking fresh..(Organic when I can or my own Organic Garden Grown)..and all from scratch so this may help me alot..Thank YOU.

  55. Autumn Wallace says

    There isn’t an Aldi where I live in Arizona , but when my hubby and I lived in Hhungary , we had one down the street and it was amazing ! They sold maple syrup and peanut buttee and other rare items for us . Hopefully they will build one in our town soon :)

  56. says

    Why did it never occur to me to get cash for the left-over grocery money?? That’s genius.
    I love Aldi. We’ve saved a lot of money on produce there this last year and will definitely continue shopping there.
    There customer service is also excellent. I grabbed a large yogurt there that I realized was out of date when I got home. Because it was $4, I took it back. Not only did they give me the $4 back, they replaced the yogurt–it’s there 200% guarantee.
    You really can’t beat that.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted..So Long Sam’s ClubMy Profile

  57. tiffany says

    We are getting our first Aldi soon its built just waiting for it to open thanks for this post cant wait to start shopping there and hoping they have a organic line

  58. Trish says

    We moved here from California where I lived all my life and I was so excited to hear of an Aldis here. I save so much money without coupons. I used to shop Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

    Ours just started carrying wine and the organics about 6 months ago. I have yet to try anything from the organics line other than some blueberry jam which was so good. I have also been wanting to try the hummus. I wish they had them in smaller containers since I am the only one to eat it. Can you freeze humus?

  59. says

    We have Aldi in Australia and I am a big fan. They stock organic lines over here, but most Aussies don’t worry about buying organic… they aren’t prepared to pay extra for it. How do I know that organics in Oz isn’t a big seller? because my cousin had an organic food store/health shop and went broke… people just pass the door to cross the road to… you guessed it: Aldi. Love that place and shop there regularly.
    Glenys Robyn Hicks recently posted..What I Wished I Knew 40 Years Ago!My Profile

  60. says

    Now that I can see a pic of an Aldi’s, I’m thinking it’s similar to Grocery Outlet, which we have here on the west coast. They don’t allow coupons, and most of their items are super cheap, too. They don’t carry a lot of organic, but they do have it. I just bought a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $2 the other day and a large bag of apples for $3 as well, saving over $3 on just those two items. I love those discounted stores!! I had 2 bruised apples, but they were fine for baking a sugar free pie with.
    Mandy Tirado recently posted..Clean Your Vacuum {Frugal Tip}My Profile

  61. says

    Wow you are very lucky to have an Aldi that has so much variety. I went there for the first time, I think the store is smaller than most Aldis because I was like no wayy can anyone get ALL their food here. Most of the produce was about to rot. I couldnt find whole wheat pasta or peanut butter that only had PEANUTS in it. no organic dairy at all. I hope my Aldi will widen their selection because the prices are pretty amazing.

  62. says

    Hi there. I was wondering if you could help with some grocery budgeting. There is just two of us in our family, no kids yet, and my husband eats like a bottomless pit!! I try to only spend $75-100 at the store each time I go (maybe 2-3 x’s a month) But it never seems to be enough. No mapper what I do, I can’t seem to make that $75-100 last long enough or even get enough. I mostly shop at Aldi and Kroger. But still!! I don’t know if it’s just my husband eating everything in sight or if I’m just not doing the shopping right. I’ll go through all of your posts on shopping and budgeting and see if I missed something. :) Thanks Bunches!!!

  63. says

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    Hayley recently posted..HayleyMy Profile

  64. says

    Do you have an article showing what you also purchase at BJs…we are members of there and close to Aldis and since my husband is separating from the AF we need to start shopping more off base and I am trying to find the cheapest whole foods options I can…thank you
    Maggie recently posted..…Some gave all…My Profile

  65. says

    You should only buy cane sugar, not granulated sugar. Granu;ated sugar is made from genetically modified sugar beets. Dominoes sugar or C&H sugar are pure cane sugar and so if you must buy sugar be sure to steer clear of the GMO stuff.

  66. Meghan says

    A year and a half later… I’ve shopped at Aldi since shortly after getting married (maybe 5 years now). Our eating habits/gricery purchases have changed drastically over the past few years too; the organic line is here to stay! I’m very excited that I can get so much real food for much less than other stores. They now have a gluten-free line called g-free for those who are gluten free.
    I also love Wegman’s- their staples are cheap and clean! They also have good prices in their Nature’s Marketplace, I will buy their organic cereal (no bht!)

  67. jd says

    I do make a stop at Aldi! They have gluten free cereal that are like fruity pebbles and the chocolate version… great for rice crispy treats! My little guy breaks out horrible when he gets wheat/oats… but not rolled oats, he is fine with those! I pick up marshmallows, chips, dry beans, they also have a hazel nut spread like nutella… (peanut free house here). I really seem to find little luxuries that I have to skip at the other stores. I am also lucky to have a Trader Joe’s. I do 95% of my shopping there. I LOVE all the lunchmeat and hot dog options with no fillers/nitrates/nitrites. It is possible to have a bit of junk food again without getting sick! I did purchase some organic canned black beans at Aldi. Very happy to see that!

  68. Kristy Menke says

    Hi!!! Yes I shop @ Aldi’s once or twice a month.. The prices are AMAZING and I like some of there items better then the name brand stuff u buy @ other stores….

    The only con to aldi’s is as soon as I find a product I like there by the time the next month comes they don’t have it anymore.. This really makes me angry but otherwise aldi’s is a great place to shop…

    Thank you fort posting this

  69. Carol says

    I’ve got to say after begin oversea in England for 7yrs we shopped Aldi’s all the time !!!! Such great items at rock bottom prices ! As well they have a store that compares to it as well almost the spitting image of it called Lidl no the stores are not owned by the same company. I’ve been to the stores in a few towns in Germany & they produce they carry is WONDERFUL the same for the UK !!!! I wish they have more items as they do oversea as the stores are so much larger . Once coming back to the States it was such a joy to see one of our all time stores up & running ! We have been known to drive the extra hour just to shop at one :) Thanks for providing all the details & I’m hoping more people get to find this hidden gem ! If not they are truly missing out :) Thanks

  70. Marie says

    When I lived in MO I used to shop at Aldi’s all the time, with 3 kids it saved me alot of money. I was so disappointed when we moved back to the San Antonio, TX area because they do not have anything like Aldi’s. Miss it alot.

  71. says

    Two comments:

    About maple syrup – grading for maple syrup is different from, say, grading for eggs. It has to do with at what stage of the harvest and the boil the syrup is being pulled.

    I personally prefer grade B syrup because it’s dark and maple-y. If I’m gonna eat maple syrup, I want MAPLE SYRUP!! And this is.

    The other comment: ALDI is actually an abbreviation of Albrecht Discount, so it’s not Aldi, nor Aldi’s – it’s just ALDI.
    Maria Stahl recently posted..Arion fasciatus slug, I think – look at this guy!My Profile

  72. Allison says

    I stopped shopping at our Aldi’s a few years ago because of the food dye in their yogurt and all the EDTA in the canned food. Have they improved? I might have to give them a try again.

  73. Deb says

    Still not an organic line here. I used to shop there for a few things until I went processed foods free, no chips and such that waste money anyway, so am not shopping there now. Too much high fat and high sugar stuff here and never use box mixes due to junk in them so very little to entice me. Fresh stuff isn’t good looking I don’t care how cheap it is. Unless it’s organic had a doc tell me Aldi’s and WalMart are the worst as far as pesticides go so a no go no matter how cheap. isn’t wortht he health risk. maybe if they get hormone free food and dairy might go there also.

  74. says

    I know they’re not organic, but OH MY GOSH, those boxes of assorted cookies they have for about $3.50 are to die for! Most of the cookies have chocolate on them, and they’re a great thing to pick up for a function when you haven’t had time to make something. I’m so glad to read that others are reaping the benefits of Aldi’s amazing prices and customer service! We always keep our “Aldi” quarter in the car for the grocery carts 😉 Really hoping that they start carrying organic and more vegetarian “meat” options in our local store!
    Leslie recently posted..Fade Out – Modern Geometric Sterling Circular Bubble Cluster Blue, Silver, and White Wire SS Sterling Wrapped Gemstones by leslieannelevineMy Profile

  75. says

    Hey :)
    My mum is always going to Aldi and I start it again (after I moved the first time, there was no Aldi in the area I live – without a car).
    When it comes to organic, Aldi in Germany is one of the first discounters to go (don’t know if there is the word discounter in English^^). But Aldi isn’t cheaper then others here and I don’t do my monthly big shopping there because of the limited amount of everything. But they have the best frozen veggies and a big amount of vegetarian/vegan foods.
    It’s a good store, and every week they have special offers, like “American Week” or “Back to school”. But it seems from the picture that it is so different to Aldi in the US :)


      • Wendy says

        In Germany you have a few big competitors: Aldi, Lidl, Norma, Penny and Netto (and a few others). Aldi and Lidl are the big ones. If one of them makes a new price – maybe for butter or milk – the other ones follow.

        Lidl has more “big brands” in their grocery stores – Aldi stays on their own labels (with fewer exceptions). On most locations you have them “side by side” – so when I write my shopping list, I made it for both shops – first I buy everything I can get at Aldi, then I change the parking lot and buy the missing items at Lidl.

        Both have organic products (maybe Lidl has a few more). Both are selling fresh baked bread and danish in their grocery shops. (we are living at “Aldi Süd” area – Aldi Süd groceries are bigger, more innovative, looks brighter and more friendly ).

        Another point: Aldi (Süd) is paying their employers very very good. Most of the cashiers are working parttime (very often 30 hr/week) and they are getting something around 15 €/hr (18 US$) + Bonus at Christmas and payed holidays (26 days/year). This is twice the amount I ve got when I was working for Woolworth. Next year the minimum wage in Germany should be 8,50 €.

        I love shopping at Aldi or Lidl – because you know where to find everything (two types – left winding and right winding – but the products are always at the same point). Not to many choices. No need to compare 50 different toilet papers. They have 3 – recycled paper, 3 layer, 4 layer. That´s it. Cheapest market price for each type. Perfect!

        Maybe you have the chance to visit Germany and to visit german discounters too 😉

        Greetings – Wendy

  76. says

    The pasta sauce (simply nature) I just bought doesn’t contain any soy, so hopefully that’s a change they made! It’s completely organic spices and veggies with NO added sugar or any additives at all! It’s delicious! I’m currently not eating any refined sugar and it was costing me a fortune to buy all the ingredients to make my own sauce, so I’ve only had it once in two months! So excited I found this at Aldi!! I’d gone looking for a different brand I heard had no sugar- and thru did have that, but the organic was just a few cents more and much healthier!!

    I didn’t read through all the comments so hope this isn’t redundant, but I just had to share! This is one product I hope is permanent! Even if I do go back to eating refined sugar (which I doubt, I feel so much better without it!), I still want to buy this brand of sauce!

  77. Pamela Holland says

    I was very excited a few weeks ago to find organic quinoa at our local Aldi’s. I went back today to purchase more and there could not find any. :-(

  78. Mary says

    I discovered ALDI about 9 months ago and love it! It’s about a 12 mile drive from my house which is much further than our local grocer but it’s definitely worth the drive. In addition to some of the items on your list, we also buy:

    – Chocolate (imported, cheap, and delicious!)
    – Coffee (organic k cups)
    – Butter (not organic but we use tons and it’s $1 less on the pound than other stores)
    – Wine ($6 for a bottle of great riesling)
    – Dried beans

    We try to buy organic whenever we can but we’re on a really limited budget as well. I usually buy all the produce picks ALDI advertises every week because they are so dirt cheap and then try to build meals around them.

    • says

      I’m glad you love Aldi too! That is a great shopping list! I need to update my list b/c there is so much they have added over the past few months!

  79. Thrify in Michigan says

    Just be careful of canned tomatoes in BPA lined cans…that is the worst for leaching. I have found BPA free cans at Kroger (Muir Glen) and all of Trader Joes canned beans and tomatoes are in BPA free cans. CORN CHIPS….I stumbled upon the best…organic blue corn with sesame seeds at TARGET…the only thing I buy there, but worth the trip.

  80. says

    If you live in the Northeastern United States, Ocean State Job Lot also carries a lot organic food and sometimes has canned tomatoes (Bionature) without BPA in the cans.

    Aldi did have jars of special purchase organic tomato sauce, but they had a bit of added organic sugar, which some people are trying to avoid.
    ologsinquito recently posted..Aldi Won’t Market Genetically Modified FishMy Profile

  81. Ronda says

    Love my Aldi. I agree with the person who said only problem is you love a product and than it’s gone. So my store has tried out tons of organic products hoping they come back. My favs so far, oatmeal organic pancakes (I am even able after the first serving to put them made in fridge and taste yummy for a while if they last that long, my family loves them). The Almond milk and chocolate almond milk. All the greens organic arugula, organic spinach, organic kale. organic breakfast sausage the thin links, the larger lunch sausage were tasty but they have cheese in them and our family does not eat dairy.The organic cashew butter was to die for a luxury anywhere else we can’t afford. Used it for cooking Thai dishes, and smoothies. The organic marinara sauce both flavors, chicken and vegetable organic broth. I think it was organic the sweet potato tortillas. Organic apple juice is a staple now in our house, and the Guatemalan coffee. I love aldi, I can buy all of this at prices that are lower than some non organic shopping in my area. It’s not the closest for me, and it’s not in the best neighborhood but I am addicted. Also a note every week they sell some great household item.


  1. […] Move Over Whole Foods {Save Money & Buy Healthy Food at Aldi} at The Humbled Homemaker – I’ve been shopping more at Aldi lately and am thrilled with their new organic line. Let’s all go out and buy it up so they keep it in the stores! I also love to see what others get at Aldi, this post is a great place to start if you’ve never shopped at Aldi before. […]

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