Homemade Poultry Seasoning

I was mid-recipe the first time I made poultry seasoning. I was making Stacy’s chicken tetrazzini from her fabulous eCookbook–Crock On–and it was either leave it out, run to the store (for 1/2 tsp.? No thanks!) or figure out a way to make my own.

The only problem was that when I found a recipe for homemade poultry seasoning, it called for spices I didn’t have on hand. Rats, again! What was I to do?

Thankfully, I was able to pull out my handy-dandy herb and spice substitution chart! Using my chart, I was able to mix up my own version of homemade poultry seasoning in no time. And it the recipe turned out just fine.

Homemade Poultry Seasoning


2 3/4 tsp. rosemary

1 1/2 tsp. ground thyme

1 tsp. basil

1/2 tsp. nutmeg

1/2 tsp. black pepper

Mix everything together and store in a glass jar.

Have you ever made your own spice mixes? Do you use poultry seasoning?

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  1. Marilyn says

    I will definately be trying this recipe. I use it in my turkey dressing at Thanksgiving…among other things.

    Marilyn in MS

    • Faye says

      Loving the mixes but poultry without sage? How does the kitchen even smell like chicken n dressing. I was challenged to mix my own after becoming a label reader. So many years of waste-and so much time saved having my own to my family’s Taste mixes in my kitchen
      Just found your blog new regular reader from South of the Mason Dixion line

      • Deidra says

        I thought exact same thing. “No sage?” I feel that it’s a must for poultry.
        But I rather make my own mixes rather then buy ready made for this exact reason you can add or leave out from your whatever you prefer


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