As a wife and mother, do you ever look at others around you and think: “How in the world do they have it all together, when I feel like I can barely keep my head above water?”

You’re not alone…because that’s me!

My life is FAR from perfect. I struggle every day to effectively care for my two children, provide healthy food for my family, keep the house clean and organized, shop wisely, balance time with the Lord with home life, outside-of-the-home activities and keeping up with a part-time writing gig at several local newspapers and blogs. Most of the time, I fail. Sometimes I feel WAY over my head.But I’ve given my desires to the Lord to help me somehow figure this whole homemaking thing out, and I hope real, less-than-perfect wives and mothers like myself will join me on this journey.I hope that through my blog, we will laugh, learn and be inspired together.

At The Humbled Homemaker, you’ll read about:
  • motherhood and family life
  • healthy eating
  • frugality
  • ministries to join and/or prayer for
  • natural living
  • and much more!

We may be “humbled homemakers,” but if we seek the Lord, He will lift us up!